Rinelda’s Diary: Entertainers must support one another

16 November 2018
Why is it that those in the entertainment industry don’t support each other? They don’t attend each other’s events.
With this statement, I am referring to my personal experience at the recent, Windhoek Fashion Week, that was held in the capital last week Saturday.
There, I noticed that those in the industry (models, fashion designers, dancers, visual artists and even musicians) who were not lined up to showcase their work did not show up for the event. They are not even there to show support to their colleagues in the same industry. 
The Windhoek Fashion Week was a three day event and those who graced the stage on the first night, did not bother to show up on the other two days to cheer on their colleagues.  This show of selfishness and disunity in the industry is sad.  Our fashion community is too small to be so petty and self-centred.  
Do people realize that if the industry as a whole gets a bad rep, then everyone seeking to make money from their talents suffers?  Rather than ignoring each other, in the industry, all involved need to lend support.
There are those who claim to be passionate about the entertainment industry, but are failing to put their words into action. In my view, if you love something then you will always want to be around it; you will want to strengthen it and help make it a success.
Those who are not supportive of fellow entertainers often have nothing good to say about others.  They gossip and revel in other people’s problems and scandals.  They are trifling in their appraisals of other people’s performances and achievements as if everything they do is picture perfect.  It is as if they want their colleagues to fail. 
My complaint also applies to those entertainers who would only attend the Namibian annual music awards (NAMAs), whenever they are nominated in a certain category or performing at the music show. They do not show up at this annual prestigious event if they are not showcasing their work or nominated in any category.
Over the years, as an entertainment journalist, I have noticed whenever I am attending events, only the ones lined up to perform at a program will be present.   This is sad in such a small music market space like Namibia. 
I have questioned many performers about this, and I would be given selfish and childish answers like:  “Why should I go there?” Or “They did not want me to be there in the first place, because I was not called to showcase my talents there, so why must I go?” Or “Why should I attend another artist’s show, because they will never attend mine?” 
The local entertainment industry deserves much better support from within that what is happening now.  People must be willing to be there for each other and to bolster their own industry! 
Let’s embrace one another.  Stop being so competitive and envious that you lose sight of how vulnerable the entire industry is.  The strongest building has the best supported foundation. Let’s unite!


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