Rinelda’s diary: Missing the old sounds

09 November 2018
Have you ever missed artists who aren’t making music any longer? Their voices have gone mute over the years. You still have their old music and can still play and sing to their old songs, but you don’t hear about them any longer.
I miss the old singers and wish I could hear them making new music.
Some may have been ‘one-hit wonders’ who made it big with one song and disappeared; others had lucrative careers for several years and made many albums.  Still others made a specific type of great old music that went out of fashion with the public.  Years later, no one ever hears their names again, radio doesn’t play their music and their old CDs are impossible to find. 
I always wonder what new messages these musicians and singers would have motivated me with if they had continued to produce music.  I'm referring particularly to those artists who have been there with you through the good and bad times in your life.  We all have songs that remind us of a person, a time in our lives or a place that has meaning.  We all get images of those things whenever we hear the melody. 
When you had a heart break over someone, whether it is a lover, close friend or even relative who have disappointed you in some way, there is usually a song out there somewhere that reminds you of that.  As you are listening to that music, all the tears suddenly dried up faster; your heart beat slower, your mind began to work again and you felt better. 
People remember the songs played at their weddings, graduation parties, and victorious sports events.  Who does not remember a tune you sung to your new-born baby or a song on the radio just after a warm and loving day in the arms of a super fine, well-equipped (if you know what I mean) man. 
Artists and their music positively impact the lives of their fans.   But then, many of them disappear over the years.  The song that meant something to you in high school, may be gathering dust on DJs’ shelves, never to be heard of or played again.  Maybe those past popular albums are now forgotten inventory in someone’s boot or yard sale and are being sold for pennies.  
It is sad somehow, but the reality is that life is ever-changing; nothing stays the same, nor should it.  The music industry never stands still.  Things move on and performers need to move with it or get left behind.  New music can generate new memories and new emotions. Nevertheless, it is still unfortunate that those old voices and great songs have faded away.
I know to be an artist is not easy. But, I encourage the artists to keep trying to create new and innovative music and not get left in the dustbin of old sounds.  Your songs may have the ability to change a life, make someone smile, or change a negative mind-set. 
Of course, many singers and musicians stop performing for their own personal reasons.  Some start families or change their musical focus to producing and writing music rather than performing.  Others, take up entirely different careers and leave making music as a memory from their youthful days.  We as fans however have no other choice, but to support their decisions and keep playing their old songs and experiencing the powerful memories.  
I yearn for those old songs that mean something in my life and I would love to hear those performers singing again.  Those old songs that I miss so much have the ability to make us all happy; let’s remember the old tunes.


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