Rinelda’s Diary: nbc messed up award show (again)

02 November 2018
When will the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) get things right? They have been televising live shows for many years, but still fail to impress.
I am referring to poorly done live broadcast of the 2018 Namibia Sports Awards. The long-awaited event took place last week Saturday at the Dome in Swakopmund.  As I could not attend this year, I was happy to hear that the national broadcaster would be screening the event live.  I settled down to view the show from the comfort of my own home and I was disappointed.
The event kicked off with interviews of those nominated. Only a few minutes into the live broadcast, glitches already happened.  As Lucy K, the presenter, was interviewing people, the sound died. People were talking, but no sound researched the viewers.
A few minutes later, the soundless viewing camera moved to inside the venue where the ceremony took place. The camera then gave a far view of a few people who were seated – all in silence.
A few minutes later, the shot went back to Lucy K, but the sound was still missing in action!   Then, the camera panned to a view of the confused staff standing around hopelessly.
After a commercial break, the camera view was at the ceremony and the sound was back at least.
However, the lighting was horrible at first.  Five minutes into the show, the lighting was fixed.  Now, I could clearly see the who’s who in the sports industry attending the event.  I could also clearly see the glitz and glam outfits that were worn to this annual red carpet program.
Throughout the televised evening the camera was jiggling from time to time. This made viewing very unpleasant and it made me feel queasy as the scenes jumped up and down.
The close-up camera showing those on stage was not positioned well. It was positioned too low, making the people on stage look odd.
I also feel that the operators were too lazy to move the camera through the audience. I saw the same people at each audience shot cut-back.  They should have tried to pan the camera around and show different groups of attendees instead of the same people each time.  Or they could have simply moved to a new location and shoot the crowd from a different perspective.
There was a certain group of young white men in the crowd that I viewed over 10 times!  I would have loved to see more people who attended the event.
During the entire important sports occasion there were constant blackouts of the camera picture.
A speech by retired Namibian footballer, Collin Benjamin who was talking about his wonderful journey in the soccer industry outside the country, was one of incidents were a blackout happened.  As he was telling his very moving and inspiring tale, everything went dark and silent.
A few minutes later, when the live feed resumed, he said thank you and walked off the stage. I feel that it is very unfortunate that his speech was cut short due to these technical glitches.  His story had the potential to motivate others to not give up on sports despite the challenges that they are experiencing.
I would advise staff and management of nbc to please start investing in quality.  This is not the first time nbc has had live-feed problems while on air.  When will you get it right?
We depend on you, so stop disappointing us!


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