Rinelda’s Diary: floral dresses are all the rage

26 October 2018
Are you seeing what I am seeing? We all know the red rose is a symbol of love and romance, but now, it is dominating the textiles and fabric prints used in the fashion industry. 
Roses - big, small and in every colour are suddenly a trendy style and I love it.
Everywhere I look I see red roses (and other flowers) printed on fabrics that are designed into gowns, pants, dresses, tops and other items. I see them embroidered and printed on just about everything.
They are on t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, shots, skirts, head’s, bikinis, active wear, and shoes and even on socks. This trend is also worn by everyone - men and women, old and young.
The roses are on white or dark backgrounds - pink, red, yellow and even white roses are en vogue.  I saw cobalt blue roses on a black-background brocade light weight jacket worn with a black tube top and tight black skin slacks and it looked great.
This week, I am writing about the newest addition to my closet:  The floral dress. Winter is gone. Say hello to the floral fashion instead – “Roses are red and violets are blue (or any other colour!)”
I have fallen in love with this floral trend from the first day I laid my eyes on it.  Now even those who did not get roses for Valentine’s Day or their birthday can have some.
A floral dress will become the classic ‘little-black-dress’ because it makes the perfect statement and is always relevant.  I think the floral style is here to stay.  It looks good on all body shapes and skin colours and will be a timeless staple for everyone’s closet.  I like this trend because it is so easy to wear.
For instance, a floral skirt and a plain top can create a very classy and feminine look that can beautifully compliment almost every woman.  Put a tailored dark jacket on with the plain top and rosy skirt with classic pumps and a matching brief case and hand bag, and you have a business outfit with the right pizzazz versus conservatism.
A mid-calf length, flower printed, sleeveless sheaf dress with a modest back slit along with high heel and simple stud earrings can make woman look just like a princess on a hot summer’s day or in a crowded church on Sunday.
Floral prints on shorts and playful clothes are fun and give that carefree, but bright look.  Think about fancy tied head wrap of a flamboyant rose printed cloth on a bad-hair day and you can step out in white denim jeans or Capri leggings with a strapless light blue denim bustier zipped up the back (or a low cut swing top that shows cleavage while hiding a larger belly and butt), accessorized with floral fabric bangles and a huge flower ring.  That fashion idea can be modified to work for XXL and XXS, lusty darker skinned women or those with paler complexions. 
I also like fabrics with pink roses on a white dress. A white dress in the summer time is very common, but with the pink roses printed (or better still…embroidered) on them – that is the look that is making that is making the noise this season.  I can guarantee that you will stand out at any event. 
Caution:  with the floral print, lighten up on the bling and gaudy fun accessories.  The more flowers on your outfit, the less bling you should wear.  Let the floral print do the talking alone. 
Get into those floaty, flouncy floral fashions and have some rosy fun!


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