Rinelda’s Dairy: pyjamas in public are ‘in’

19 October 2018
Growing up, I was a fan of wearing comfortable pyjamas in the public even though other people were not.
When I was 8-years old, I was given a hiding by my grandfather when he once saw me clad in my night clothes, running to the mini-shop that was located opposite our house.
He sternly told me:  “You never wear them anywhere outside the house, no matter what the emergency. It is very rude. People should never see your pyjamas in public, because they are meant for indoor wear only.”
But, now things have changed.
Wearing pyjamas during the day is actually a strange, but acceptable fashion trend right now. Check out www.theindustry.fashion/ss17-trend-pyjama, Palazzo Pyjamas and other styles and see the websites for Stella McCartney, Thakoon, Loewe, and many more. 
I am sure my grandfather would dislike this trend if he saw people wearing them on runways, on fashion television shows and in high profile fashion magazines. I can already hear him complaining that “people wearing pj’s in public are full-grown adults who are too lazy to get dressed before leaving their house.”
Years ago, wearing pyjamas in public crossed the line for acceptable social standards.  Those who did it by choice were viewed as lazy, tacky and trifling. In some cases people saw them as slightly out of their minds, too old to care about anything or those who have given up on life.
For the past few seasons, the catwalks have been abuzz with pyjamas as casual daywear and the fashion crowd love nothing better than to turn up to events in their pjs. Modern pyjamas are not just something to sleep in, they can be a fashion statement. This trend has recently taken centre stage and some Namibians now feel more confident to wear their pj’s outdoors.
Let me quickly state that the high-end modern pyjama fashions are NOT that shabby, over-sized night shirt you’ve been wearing to bed each night or those old baggy flannels you’ve had for 10 years.  The pyjamas and sleepwear you see on fashion models and superstars are high-end luxury garments made of silks, fine thin linens, and high-end fabrics, cut to fit the physique.  The colour explosions on these expensive garments are wide-ranging and daring with patterns, florals and prints. 
When people wear this trend they make a lot of effort to look great and accessorize it so that the garment speaks of confidence and comfort and not snoozing while drooling.
This trend is an intentional style that also includes wearing cute shoes, chic jewellery, make-up, bold lipstick and getting that wow! hair style.
In Namibia, people wear house slippers in the streets to go anywhere.  Let me caution that people should not choose to wear fashionable pyjamas AND their house slippers!  That is not the runway trend.  To have a chance of looking like a fashionista in pjs you need sky high statement/designer heels, so you get that easy-does-it, chic look.
You need light make-up and a huge a smile.   You must have confidence when wearing this trend.
Despite the pyjama trend’s appearance, most people (including my grandfather) are against it. Still, we must all accept the fact that some fashions are ‘in’, even if many they are silly.  For now, let’s all make the best of it, because tomorrow something else will be de rigueur. 

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