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It seems to me that black women have two vaginas. There is her real one and then there is her kinky hair. Don’t be shocked, I am just telling it as I see it.
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 I have learned that when your mother says, let’s go ‘pick-up something’ you’d best try to find a creative way not to go or prepare yourself for several hours of major shopping. 
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The above is the title of a book that was published late last year (November 2019).  Many studies, books and articles have been written on the 1904-1908 German genocide inflicted upon the Nama and Herero people of (then) South West Africa.
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The number one thing I was praised for as a child was my silence.  The elders of my family and community had sold me a product that said:  “If you are a quiet and silent girl, then you are good, nice and smart.”  This was a bogus product, but I didn’t realize it at the time.
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