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The exhibition entitled Colourful Christmas Time by two visual artists, Susi Asmus Diekmann and Margit Calegari, are currently being showcased at the Omba Gallery in the Namibia Crafts Centre in Windhoek.
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Lady May, the controversial, talented musical artist notorious for her funky outfits and in-yo’-face stage attitude, this week revealed a change to her usual music genre; she declared that she will now release Gospel music.
The artist’s music style is however not the only thing that has changed, she has also changed her stage name from ‘Lady May’ to Lady May Africa. 
Another thing that was changed is the performer’s music label. She renamed Cray Lady May Records to Crystal Lady May Records. She explained, “Management asked me to change the name of my music label.  I was supportive of the change, because I like the new name.  I also could not use the same stage name any longer.  I could not rebrand to Lady May Namibia, because my music is enjoyed by those even outside the country,” the newly minted Lady May Africa said.      
Lady May Africa (Martha Namundjebo) is an award-winning Namibian singer with distinctive vocals.  She is also a former Big Brother Africa Star Game finalist. Her past musical style has been a mixture of Oshiwambo traditional music and western pop. Most of her music is categorized under the Afro pop and House genre.
The former ‘Lady May’ started to sing from the age of six. During her teenage years she started performing at school concerts. She recorded her first song, Lady for Life, with the help of producer Kanibal in 2004, which won her an award for Best Female Artist at the (then) 2004 Sanlam-nbc Music Awards. In 2005, Namundjebo released her debut album titled Kamali which means little Martha in her Oshiwambo mother tongue.
Other albums under her belt are Come and Get Me (2006), Pink Chocolate (2009), Tiger Ambitions (2010) and I AM: African Goddess (2011).
Two weeks ago, she signed to well-known Gospel music label, ‎D-Naff Entertainment. The owner of her new music label and award winning Gospel artist, D-Naff, recalled how it all started. “I was at a charity event when Lady May approached me. She asked if she could join my music label. She said she wants to start singing Gospel music. At first I could not believe what I was hearing, but later realised that everyone can change for the better.”
In the past, it was alleged by event organisers that Lady May would perform while in intoxicated. Lady May is also known for a stunt she pulled in 2011 the Namibia Music Awards (Namas), during her speech she flashed the audience with a middle finger before saying, “Good Night mother f%*#ers” to the assembled crowd.
When questioned about Lady May Africa’s previous behaviour D-Naff said if she does anything controversial then he will talk to her about it. “I now feel that it is somehow my responsibility to help her. Signing her is not all just about her music, but also about helping her to become a better person. I know people will talk a lot of bad things once they hear that Lady May Africa will now perform Gospel music, but people must understand that she has transformed. What is a good transformation if there was no bad in the past?” he said.
The Come and Get Me singer previously known for her seductive dance moves and revealing outfits, said things will change. “I will not dress too revealing anymore. My body will be perfectly fully covered at all times,” Lady May Africa said.
The 32-year old is confident about her transformation. “I don’t care if I lose fans. It is a choice that I have made. If someone considers themselves a real fan of my talent and my voice, then they will understand me. They will support me,” she said.
Speaking about her new music the artist said the new beat will be very similar to her old music, but she said she will now only release inspirational songs.
Lady May Africa said she already began thinking of becoming a born again (Christian) shortly after a road accident in 2015.  The Bubblegum singer was bumped by a delivery vehicle while on her scooter. “It was horrible. When I survived, I realised how lucky I am to be alive,” she said. 
The marketing manager at D-Naff Entertainment, Julian Mugabe said “Many people have blacklisted Lady May after what she did the NAMAs. People must know that we all make mistakes. People are often too quick to judge others. They think that their sins are not as bad as the other person’s,” he said.
Lady May Africa and D-Naff recently released a single Let it shine. The public can expect her new album (still untitled) to be launched before the end of this year. 
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Visual artist, Lara Diez is currently showcasing her solo exhibition Pressed at the Project Room in Windhoek. The exhibition opened last week Friday and will end on the 1st of November.
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