Capp to exhibit in Sweden  

16 June 2017
Kristin Capp is a photographic artist and educator who has been chosen to be among 60 international artists to exhibit their artwork at this year’s Biennial in Sweden.
The Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art started in 2001.  Its mission is to provide advocacy and thought leadership for the international arts community and to engage and inspire diverse non-professional audiences by actively fostering the study, recognition and appreciation of perennial exhibitions of contemporary art, design and architecture commonly known as ‘biennials’.
Exhibiting there is highly prestigious.  It puts artists on the ‘map’ for buyers, art galleries, private collectors and museums around the world.   People wishing to be considered must submit their work to a panel of judges.  Thousands of submissions are received from all over the world. (
Capp is a photography teacher at the College of the Arts (COTA) in Windhoek (KCAC campus) and is the head of the New Media Design Course. Capp has been lecturing in Namibia for six years, first at the University of Namibia (when she came as Fulbright Scholar in Photography in 2011) and then at COTA for four years.
She grew up in Seattle, USA, and lived in New York City for 16 years, where she studied analog photography and fine art printing.
She has kept busy over the years publishing three photography books; Hutterite: A World of Grace (1998), Americana (2000) and Brasil (2016). Her work is exhibited not only locally but also internationally.
“I'm fortunate to have been invited to exhibit in OpenART, the largest public art Biennial in Scandinavia, which is being held in the city of Orebro, Sweden.” said Capp.
The Biennial will be held from 18 June to 10 September 2017. Capp will be travelling to Sweden to be a part of the opening activities. This year’s Biennial focuses on the coming together of Japan, Colombia and Europe.
Biennial organisers are funding her entire involvement, which includes production costs and travel expenses.
Capp’s exhibition includes colour photographic work that was taken in Namibia, as well as black and white images from her Brazil series. Capp is the only artist representing Namibia in the programme.
She will be exhibiting two bodies of work:  The "Bondelswart" and “Work from Brazil: 2001-2009”.
The former is a body of work in progress that focuses on the Bondelswart clan of the Nama people in the //Kharas region of Namibia.
This particular work includes images of traditional home interiors, landscapes, portraits and still life.  The artist is fascinated by the notion of memory, how place and objects are imbued with a sense of collective memory.
The second body of work she is showing in the Biennial is work from Brazil: 2001-2009.
The work being exhibited is the result of eight years of photographing street culture, landscape, architecture and the visual ‘magic’ she encountered in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Salvador de Bahia. At first she travelled to Brazil to film stills for a documentary film on Capoeira in Salvador de Bahia.
“The work I shot in Brazil was shot on black and white film over eight years. During those eight years, I only owned analog cameras, and that project was shot exclusively on film with a 1950s vintage Rolleiflex camera,” said Capp
She added that, “Photography gives me the outlet to explore, learn, reflect, and to experiment with ways of showing and sharing the work with many different kinds of audiences. This exhibition is a special chance to do that.”


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