Mall Talk: Let’s make it a date!

01 March 2019
Author   Eliakim NS and Ismael K
The Windhoek Observer sent its intern reporters to Maerua mall, Windhoek to get public opinions on dating.
Most people accept that a ‘date’ is usually a form of courtship, consisting of social activities done by the couple, either alone or with others.
But, we also found that ‘dates’ now have a wider reach.  Families, friends and colleagues can also go out on friendly dates, sharing time and fun with one another. It is not always about love and sex.
Dating is all about choosing to spend time with someone else.  More than money, the gift of your time and attention on a ‘date’ can show care and concern.
One mall pedestrian, Dylen Ceciliani, stated that, “Dates are fun and not awkward if you treat them as opportunities to spend time getting to know someone who strikes your fancy. That is fun.  Some things that I have done on dates include: hiking, sitting in public and talking, taking photos and going to shoot pool.”
Deslyn de Klerk says a date is a spending time with your loved ones or boyfriend/girlfriend. “There is no single answer about what people do on a date; you can do literally anything.  One could go out to eat, to the movies, meet up somewhere and walk/talk.  What it means to have fun on a date I suppose differs from date-to-date. Regardless, it'll always boil down to both parties enjoying themselves.”
Simaneka David, student at IUM, said he has never been on a romantic date.  “To me, a date is when two people get together to be familiar with each other, to see if they're like-minded, often with the expectations of getting into a romantic-sexual relationship.”
Another person in the mall, who preferred to go nameless, and has also not been on a romantic date says, “A date is a means of spending time together to have a good time.  Every relationship has to pass through the ‘dating stage.’  But, it’s good to continue ‘dating’ all the way through the relationship.  If you're having bad time, going out together to talk and spend quiet time could make things better.” 
Wilka and Alphy, who were actually out on a date at a restaurant in the mall, said a date is a way to get to know each other better and make the couples’ bond stronger. “I feel loved and appreciated for being shown off in public with my boyfriend; there is no better feeling than your man showing you off, says Wilka.  “We usually make time for dates, restaurant, movies or bowling and this keeps our bond strong and helps us to enjoy each other’s company,” Alphy stated.
Thomas Phillip is one rare voice that was against going on dates. “Simple:  I don't date. I dislike the whole practice. I have dated before and I feel like dates are the foreplay before having sex and I find the constant pursuit of that, useless.  At the same time I'm not against having sex, but I would rather find a relationship with someone special first.  Of course, dating is a way to find that person, but it’s not the only way.  I know what I want in a woman.  I really just want someone that I can fight for and someone that I can come home to and make her smile.”
Sheya Magretha, who was on her way out to a family date, thinks that a date is free time to spend with loved ones, not just a boyfriend or girlfriend. “I love being out with my whole family (husband and children) and this really helps us to get a chance to spend quality time together.  We like taking photos, making jokes and going to movies on our family date days.”


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