Valentine’s Day: Show some love!

08 February 2019
Valentine’s Day 2019 is on Thursday, February 14th.  It is a celebration of love so have some fun and give some kisses!
Couples can use this day as a chance to confess love to each other by exchanging different types of gifts including flowers, chocolates, jewellery and cards or just give a hug and kiss.
Celebrating love is not just for couples, but for family members and close friends too! 
Some people ask about the meaning of Valentine’s Day and others complain that it is not an African holiday but rather, it is a western gimmick to encourage people to spend money in stores.   “Why should we bother with it?” they groan. 
To those Valentine’s naysayers, we say:  “don’t rain on our parade!” Anyone who thinks that a fun day about LOVE is useless, should not celebrate it.  But, let the rest of us who just want to give a rose or kiss to someone special, have our love day.
As for how the Day came to be - consider this:  some say that St. Valentine was a priest of the third century AD.  Stories say that back then in Rome, marriages for soldier were banned by Emperor Claudius II as he thought that married men made bad warriors.  This led St. Valentine to arrange for soldiers to be married in secret.  Since this was considered a crime, he was imprisoned and sentenced to death.  During his imprisonment, the story claims is fell in love with the daughter of his jailer and sent letters to her bearing the signature: “from your Valentine”.
Other people focus on the stories about Cupid as a beginning to the Valentine’s Day myths.  Cupid was once worshipped as the ancient god of desire, affection, and erotic love. Often he is presented as the son of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and Mars, their god of war.
In the 18th century the whole Valentine’s Day ‘thing’ hit big time in England and  people started sending cards, sweets, flowers and other gift items to express their emotions on February 14th.
These days, reports say that on Valentine’s Day more than 50 million roses around the world, are sold as gifts.   In the USA, $143.56 million was estimated as the amount American consumers spent for Valentine's Day-related gifts in 2018.  Also, $4.7 billion was spent on jewellery, with 15% of all Americans (325 million) buying gift cards for that day.
Never fear Namibians, if you are broke, then any Valentine’s gift sincerely presented with best wishes and a hug can make someone smile.  Isn’t that nice? and


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