Calming interior décor for 2019

18 January 2019
Author   Rinelda Mouton
January is known as the ‘reboot’ month and that means it is an opportunity to leave behind the old, frayed, faded and boring and embrace what's bright, fresh, colourful, vibrant and new. 
If you are thinking about making some new changes to the interior design of your home and change your furnishings, colours and design themes, then read on for some tips!
We spoke to interior designers, Lee-Anne Plamhert and Francesca Mouton from Weylandts Namibia located in the Southern Industrial Area in Windhoek, and they shared a few tips on what is trendy for the New Year.
When it comes to kitchen decorating, Plamhert said that spending a lot of money for a reboot of a drab, old fashioned kitchen is not always necessary.  That is good news in this economic crisis.
Plamhert said the first thing anyone must do before they start making any changes is to sit back and think. “You need to ask yourself a lot of questions such as what is my budget, what do I like, will the new changes work for us and who is living in the house.”
The interior design guru also noted that during tough economic times, it is very important for people to find ways to spend their money wisely. “For example to give a new look, you can do simple and easy changes such as replacing handles or applying a new paint. They will certainly give your kitchen a new look,” she said. 
Glass, spray paint surfaces and wood are trendy right now.  The ‘must have’ colours for 2019 in the kitchen are dark brown, beige and white.
Plamhert said many people are often afraid to use glass because they think it is not easy to clean and sanitize and, of course, glass breaks. But, while glass may not be so great for homes with many active young children, she instead insisted that it can give the right home, a modern look and feel. 
She explained “I find glass it very easy to clean, because you just wipe I with proper glass cleaners that are readily available everywhere.  The best part is that it won’t stain. It also beautifully blends-in with any furniture and colour scheme.”
The Weylandt’s design expert said this year she will advise people to go for wallpapers in their kitchen. “It goes onto one wall and then you put glass over it. It looks great; it is very modern and can last for many years. This is very cost effective,” said Plamhert.
When questioned about trendy colours for 2019, Mouton said dark colours are in! “It is a little tricky to decorate a home with darker colours. People must always keep in mind that there must be a lot of light (spacious, non-cluttered rooms, lots of windows, glass doors, open entryways, inside bright lighting, reflective mirrors, etc..) to balance things, otherwise rooms can be too dark with the darker coloured furnishings. Many forget about this.”
Mouton said when it comes to buying new furniture it is important to look at the space available and the people who are living in the house. “White couches are the in thing at this moment, but you cannot have this is an area that is often used by dogs, cats and playing children,” said Mouton.
One piece of furniture that Mouton advises to have in a home is a signature chair. “You can put it in front of a window or where there is a beautiful view.  I believe that is it essential for each home to have a relaxing place. This is the area where you can remove your shoes, put up your feet, have a glass of wine, read a book or simply just relax for a few minutes. I am a huge believer in ‘me’ time,” said Mouton.
Mouton and Plamhert agree that one thing that will never go out fashion in home are family photos. “It is very important for every home to have some sort of personality. Some great ways that I like are photos or something that you have gotten from your forefathers. Put them in your homes,” said Plamhert.
When it comes to interior designing, some believe that less is more, while others say that more is the best.  When questioned about this, Mouton said she believes in whatever is necessary for those living in the home is enough. “Have in your home what is needed. People must create a space in homes for everyone instead of going for what is trendy.  It is always best for people to be comfortable and pleased in their homes. Never have fewer cupboards than you need just because the big ones are out of fashion,” said Mouton.
Mouton pointed out one of the biggest problems is that people making the design decisions in a home, often don’t consider other people’s likes and dislikes. “People must think of others also. Some would go for something that is not comfortable for other people who are also living in the house and this is not right.”
Another thing that most people get wrong is sofa cushions. “I have been at many homes where there are too many cushions on the sofa. There is hardly space for the people to sit. Cushions must be there for support and not discomfort. If you don’t know the right colour scheme, size, or amount of pillows for your sofa, then ask an expert for guidance.” 
In closing, Mouton reiterated that people must never choose furnishings and designs only because they are trendy, but rather for what makes them happy.  She said, “Go for something that makes you comfortable, instead of something that ‘people’ like. Homes must be a happy and peaceful place for the family.”
For more information, contact these two talented designers at Weylandts at (Tel) 061-402842.   Happy decorating!


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