What I want for Christmas and 2019

14 December 2018
Author   Rinelda Mouton
Aside from the fact that many are busy enjoying and celebrating the holidays, it is also the time to reflect on the future and set new goals.
This week we spoke to a few celebrities and asked them what they want for Christmas and about their plans for the New Year.

Award-winning saxophonist Suzy Eises said the most perfect Christmas gift for her would be another baby (a new saxophone).  One of her hopes for the New Year is to continue building her brand. She also wants to grow internationally and to collaborate with international musicians.

Award winning Namibian Kwaito artist EES (Eric Sell) said for Christmas he wants to have the opportunity to celebrate the day with his loved ones and family. “For me the years of only wanting material things are over – if I want something then I just buy it myself!” he said.
Speaking about his plans for 2019, EES said he is planning on launching some new merchandise, such as EES socks. “They are already finished with the design and are currently being produced, so by the end of December they will be available for sale.” Throughout the year the international hit maker wants to travel and spend more time with his friends. “I will also try to make new friends, as I have been neglecting that part of my life. It’s just because of working too much.”

Local Kwiku singer, Tate Buti was straight forward.  He said for Christmas he wants a lot of money.
His plans for the New Year remains the same as in the past. “Just like normally, I will work hard again. The entire year I will be hard at work, with my new album that I will once again release in December. My fans already expect this from me; I don’t want to disappoint them.”

Kalux, the 2018 NAMA best male of the year said for Christmas he would really appreciate it if someone would buy him a piano or key board. “I love music. I don’t know how to play any these instruments, but I want to learn,” the Otjiwarongo-based artist said.
The artist’s aim for 2019 is to take his music outside the country. The Isa hit-maker said he has not done this before due to time and money. “I am on my own; I am my own manager. Things can get very busy, but next year I will make it work,” he said.

Khadijah, a musician and DJ said her perfect gift for Christmas this year would be if Santa would leave an iPhone under the tree.
Her plan for the New Year is to continue having the opportunity to share her music with her fans. She also wants to finish the last stretch of her degree.

Namibian female rapper and songwriter Reeziana Naris, known by her stage name Reeziana, said for Christmas she would like to have quiet time with her family.  Her plans for 2019 include releasing even greater collaborations and attracting a bigger fan-base.

Bradley Anthony, singer and songwriter said for Christmas his wish is to get his own house as a present. “This would be great, because it would be the end of paying rent,” he said.
His hopes for the New Year is that the almighty God may bless everyone with the ability to be able to face our fears. “I hope that everyone will find strength to overcome all challenges that the New Year has in-store for them. During 2018, I have gone through so much and at the same time made many enemies. I feel that 2019 must be a very successful year for me; I can feel it.”

Yannick Schweinghardt, one of Namibia's top chefs said for Christmas he wants a bottle of good, smooth whiskey. 
His plan for the New Year is to work hard and to make more profits at his restaurant. He also plans to often make changes to his menu. “This year I did not introduce new menus as I have hoped, because I was too busy with other matters, but in 2019, I will accomplish this,” he said.

Slammer, a hip hop artist said his Christmas wish is to be close to his family. “Christmas is a time for family after all. I hope we will all come together. For 2019 I want to expand my music more. This year, I released my debut album and also an autobiography. In the New Year, I will work hard to get my music heard outside our country,” the hip-hop is my girlfriend hit-maker said.  
One of Namibia's newly celebrated guitarists and live performers, Vaughn Ahrens said his Christmas would be really special if he would be around his family.  His plans for the New Year include taking his music to South Africa. “I am currently busy with the preparations for a tour to South Africa. We are super excited about it,” he said.


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