Rinelda’s Diary: I learned from entertainers

14 December 2018
This year has been very exciting for me. I have had the chance to attend great shows and meet entertainers who are very talented. With my job as a senior entertainment journalist, I have the opportunity to meet and mingle with celebrities and talented artists from everywhere; this is something that most people only dream about.  Indeed, I am very thankful for such an opportunity. 
Despite everything that happened to me in 2018, what really stood out was the fact that I learned something new from entertainers each time I interviewed or wrote about them. These lessons will always be a part of my life.
From some artists, I have learned that the unexpected and disappointing side of life can hit anyone, no matter how famous, rich, sexy and well-known they are - bad things can happen to anyone, at any time.  What really matters during difficult times, is to stay strong and not lose focus.
Those in the industry have also taught me that not everyone heals in the same way.  I have seen some artists avoid music during a hard-hitting time, while others embrace it as a soothing salve to their pain. 
I have seen that some open themselves up to advice from others, while others react to the inner healing process by closing up completely and not listening to anyone.  People have their own ways of feeling better inside, they just need the space, time and understanding to be allowed to do it.
I learned that reactions to bad times for artists is varied.  Some release new songs, while others do not. Some would be pleased to hit the studio and record songs about what has happened to them, while others would prefer to not sing about what they went through.  While some move into the limelight in tough emotional times, others avoid it until they feel stronger.
The lesson that I have learned from this, is to do whatever you need to heal faster and completely.  During a sad and emotional time in your life, it is always best to do you and not always react to what other people are telling you to do.
From our entertainers I have also learned that it is important to do what you like and not what society expects from you. Many people in Namibia don’t see art as a good career, they say it’s a hobby. This is a huge discouragement for those who have passion and talent for the industry; they are disheartened.
Most of our Namibian stars don’t make a good living from the entertainment business.  They struggle to sell their work and their shows are not packed with fans.  Despite this, they still push to succeed; they are willing to work hard.
This is a great motivator for me to always push for what I love.
I learned that we all have different personalities and this is no different when it comes to entertainers.  From a distance, fans might think that some celebs are kind, caring, friendly and very smart, but this is not the case with all of them.  I’ve encountered some who are quite dull and actually very rude.  They seem to only care about themselves and have nothing good to say about others.
Throughout 2018, I have learned that there are also certain artists who disrespect a journalist who writes an honest, though critical, review about their music or event.  People think that the only relevant opinions are those they like. This is wrong thinking. Freedom of expression is all about journalists and other people speaking their minds.
I have also seen many celebs who don’t have time and respect for their fans.  I am referring to those who never take time to chat and reply to comments from the public. Such behaviour should be left in 2018 and must not continue in 2019, because it is hurts the industry.
This is my last opinion piece for the year. I would like to thank everyone who reads what I have to say each week, sends me your comments (positive or negative) and chats about my columns and articles on social media.  Let’s do it again, next year!
I wish you all a merry Christmas and fab New Year!  Have a safe and happy holiday.


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