Adora keeps blooming

07 December 2018
Author   Rinelda Mouton
Namibian female RnB and Soul artist, Adora (Lilani Kisting) has recently started her own online reality show, enrolled for studies, started working on a new album and is currently busy with the finishing touches on a new single that features an artist from Swaziland.
Adora says her stage name is derived from the English word ‘Adorable’. She is 28 years old, born-free from Keetmanshoop. Blending Pop, Gospel, Traditional, Rn B and Soul, Adora burst onto the music scene in 2005, with feature tracks from different established and upcoming artists. She has worked with D-Naff, Sunny Boy, Gal Level, PDK, Maszangas and Tswazis among others.
The songstress was raised by her parents where her father is a full time pastor serving as the Deputy Bishop of the Lutheran Church.  Adora began singing in church at the tender age of seven.
At the age of 14, Adora first attended the College of the Arts (COTA) for piano lessons. A few years later she attended COTA again for vocal training in classical music.
During her career, Alora says her highlight was when she performed at the Old Mutual Jazz Encounters in both 2009 and 2011. She also had the privilege to perform a collaboration track with South African Legendary Guitarist, Jimmy Dhludhlu.
On another occasion, the Keetmanshoop song bird worked with Dynamax, a Hip Hop artist from the USA during his visit to Namibia.  In that case, the US Embassy approached her to join him on all performance platforms. She got the chance to be the first and only local artist to perform a song with him.
Last year, Adora released an online reality show Diamonds in the Rough.  The show captures her musical journey. The artist said she decided to release the show after she was not getting the media attention that she wanted. “I was struggling to get certain interviews with our local media. I felt that the media failed to speak about the messages that I wanted the public to know. I decided to create my own platform,” she explained.
Adora said so far the reality show has been doing well. What she likes the most about the show is having the opportunity to share more insights about her music career. The show, already now in episode four, has featured scenes of the diva’s traveling journeys outside the capital, backstage moments, and scenes from before-and-after a show.
The reality show also featured a review of local artist, Sunny Boy’s new album.  Adora explained that it was done, because she believes that it is a way to help the local industry grow more. “I have noticed that there is no unity among local artists. By working with Sunny, I hoped to encourage artists to start supporting each other more. Sunny Boy is the first artist doing a segment, but I am going to review more music in the future,” she said.
Despite the positive side of the reality show, some of the challenges she has experienced is not having a professional stylist, make-up artist and a studio in which to work. 
Adora said not having a studio venue is interfering with the more polished look and feel of the show. “We are shooting at different places, so there is no fixed background. The idea I wanted for the show, was to have the same background during interviews. This is also causing us to have challenges with set-ups, lighting and sound,” she said.
Regarding a good stylist and make-up artist, Adora said that people who she has approached thus far, are not really keen about the project. “I have approached only a few people thus far. I know I need to approach more, but I just don’t know how. I don’t have the skills for that. I will certainly work on the idea and approach more people in the New Year. To look good on the show is essential,” the Swaai hit maker said.
Adora said she is now busy with proposals to get the reality show on local television stations.
The songstress has a new single (still unnamed) featuring Z Cooper from Swaziland that will be released before the end of the year. Adora explains, “The song is a party song. Our aim was to get both Namibians and those from Swaziland to party together. The song is aimed at promoting different cultures.”
Earlier this year Adora also enrolled for a new media and design course at the COTA. The female singer said she decided to this because wanted another experiment. “I wanted to show people that it is never too late to study. The course will teach me how to do things such as web design and photography. I am very interested in these fields,” she said.     


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