What’s hot and what’s not?

26 October 2018
Each week, the Windhoek Observer’s Entertainment crew takes an insightful, yet amusing look at the entertainment industry, lifestyle and fashion happenings in Windhoek and across the world, and judges whether they are hot or not.
This week we look at some of the outfits worn to recent events.
Winter is OVER honey!
Sometimes it is not just about a fashion being ugly or not.  Sometimes it is about matching fashion with SEASON.  Like wearing a mink coat is great, but doing it while walking through the desert is not OK!  So, to this young lady, we say:  We’re not in winter anymore so can you can put away all boots and long pants combinations.  We love the bright pink top, but a summer tank or T would be better than a long-sleeved light sweater.  We love the hair, funky make-up with the bold coloured blue lip, bangles, nails and bling, but we advise this sista’ to lose the sweater and boots and embrace the summer.
In with the old – hot and edgy
That’s why I love Boitumelo Thulo. She can pull off just about any fashion look. She looks swilling hot in this outfit. This 90’s street style looks great on her. A tight top with lose pants and sneakers. YASS SIS!  Sexy, Edgy and HOT.
Way too short
The idea behind this fashion statement is to wear a top that pushes the boundaries of being a dress/full outfit; your selection doesn’t quite make the grade.  You look half-dressed, like your skirt/shorts/pants are missing.  The mid-thigh leggings/hosiery look like those prescription jobs for older people battling varicose veins or other medical issues in their legs.  We hope that you never drop anything while wearing this outfit – certainly you could not bend over without flashing your ‘stuff’ to anyone behind you.  You could’ve really pulled off this if only the interesting looking top was a bit longer or you could’ve worn some tailored, cuffed shorts under it.


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