What’s hot and what’s not?

21 September 2018

Each week, the Windhoek Observer’s Entertainment Reporter, Rinelda Mouton, takes an insightful, yet amusing look at the entertainment industry, lifestyle and fashion happenings in Windhoek, and judges whether they are hot or not.

This week we look at some of the outfits worn by Namibians to recent events.

 Hot in ruffles
The spring catwalks are cascading with ruffles. Ruffles are everywhere. We liked the three layered bottom part of the dress, but what really made us to go WOW was the top part. We are crazy about those frills. The soft colouring with the ruffles makes a wonderful tutorial on fashion in Windhoek.  Great job!  

 Not hot in horrible looking coloured dress
We all have certain colours that don’t properly complement our skin tones. This dirty orange colour is one of yours. We advise you to please refrain from wearing it.  The colour and style look more like a waitress’ uniform in a café.  We are sure this is not the look you were seeking.  In this colour you are not getting the right attention – we almost feel like asking you to refill our cup of coffee.

Hot in yellow
WOW! This yellow fashion statement certainly made us smile. You look so good in this two piece that we want a suit like that too!  While the skirt is a bit too tight to be practical at work and will have too many wrinkles on the front whenever you sit (if you can actually sit while wearing it), it works on your toned body.  Well done.

Hot in youthful cool look with sneakers
Summer has finally arrived and this is why we find this ‘cool’ look, hot. We like the fact that you paired the cute black mini skirt with a bright green coloured crop top. You look young, happy, fun and carefree. Fashion should accentuate that kind of positive look. The sneakers are also on point. We advise people to at least have one pair of decent looking and comfortable sneakers in the wardrobe.  Take note people! Summertime sneakers are IN. 




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