What’s hot and what’s not?

14 September 2018
Each week, the Windhoek Observer’s Entertainment Reporter, Rinelda Mouton, takes an insightful, yet amusing look at the entertainment industry, lifestyle and fashion happenings in Windhoek, and judges whether they are hot or not.

This week we look at some of the outfits worn by Namibians to recent events.
Hot in all-white
The ruffle clothing fashion trend is loved by many famous celebrities around the world at this moment. We feel that you look stunning in this white ruffle outfit. We are also crazy about those black and bling-bling high heel shoes. You look spectacular!
Not hot in confusing looking outfit
We actually like the white dress and those over the knee stretch boots, but what’s with the boxing championship obi belt around your waist? One of our Namibian boxers should check his locked closet and see if his WBA title belt is still there.  The wide belt destroyed what could have been a nice look.
Not hot in sleepwear top
Sweetheart…where is your blouse?  What you are wearing looks like you are only half dressed, showing us your teddy or camisole under top.  Those wide-legged, high-waisted pants are very fashionable and we loved the flow of that fabric.  This season, fashion designers have changed the strategy of when and where to put on pants and they are using width and the nude/beige colour for this year’s trends. By wearing those great pants without a single fashion or style thought about the proper top to wear along with it, you looked only half-baked.


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