What’s hot and what’s not?

07 September 2018
Each week, the Windhoek Observer’s Entertainment Reporter, Rinelda Mouton, takes an insightful, yet amusing look at the entertainment industry,
lifestyle and fashion happenings in Windhoek, and judges whether they are hot or not.  
This week, we look at a few outfits worn to last week’s Simply You Magazine awards presentation. The event was held under the theme glam with a touch of vintage.
Not hot in costume nude top with bushy roses red bottom
We applaud your daring to wear this unattractive, body conscious nude coloured dress with élan.  However, the nude form-fitted light weight fabric at the top does not mesh with the textured, vibrantly coloured, thicker fabric at the bottom of the mermaid-inspired gown.  And worse, the placement of the bling at the top outlines your nipples and that is never a nice look.  You are beautiful; your hair and make-up are perfect.  It is a pity that the costume you chose to wear, let you down.   
Robyn Nakaambo hot in nude
There's a "nude" fabric fashion revolution going on as seen on runways around the world. We like the eye-catching white flowers on the nude coloured dress and your daring display of cleavage.  Normally we don’t like plunging necklines with super high slits on the same dress, but you make it work.  Get your tailor to trim the seam on your gown’s slit a bit better next time – it looks almost like a tear.  Still, Robyn, we love your badass shoes and give you 90/100. 
Top Cheri not hot in bright colours
We think that Athawise accompanying Top Cheri is tall and sexy, and we like the look apart from his funny shoes. But, hello…Top Cheri – my dear, what car crash did you escape from?  There is nothing sexy or fly in those fire engine red galoshes with heels you are wearing.  Think about your thinner legs and shorter stature and next time choose a shoe that shows as much of your leg and foot as possible.  That singularly ugly yellow gown looked almost as if you were at an alien costume party with the Star War’s obi wan kenobi hood over your head. 
Hot in stunning red dress
Just when we thought of giving up on red, you have given us new hope to fall in love with the colour once again. Red is the colour of hot fire and you certainly made the event sparkle. Red is associated with energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire and love. Lady-in-Red, you rocked the event.
Hot in great looking suit
There is nothing sexier for a woman to watch than a man dressed in well-tailored, great-looking evening attire. You confidently nailed it even though you could be confused with butler in an old English manor. An all-black tux with tails with a white shirt and black bowtie is a classic evening gentleman’s look and will assuredly never-ever go out of fashion anytime soon.  Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man!
Not hot in weird-looking animal print skirt
The one-side-long animal skin-look grabbed our negative attention. We felt that the upper side was too short and allowed you to show way-way too much skin. You were wearing a deep ‘V’ neck – it never works well to show lots of skin at both at the top and bottom of your outfit unless you are performing on a pole at a strip club.  Still, we liked the red high heels you chose to wear.
Hot in vintage dress
Wow, your prim, but tasteful dress certainly fit the vintage brief and took us back to the 1950’s.  While your look is not ‘after 5’ and more Sunday afternoon church social, it is simple and lovely.  We liked the cream and turquoise colours and the vibrant print on the fabric.  Understated and elegant always works well.
 Mariah Nepembe superhot in yellow gown
Amen!  You really looked like morning sunshine! We admired the material wing on the right side of the dress and how the silken fabric texture outlines your tall and lithe figure.  It truly gave the dress a special look. We are crazy about strapless gowns and great looking boobs underneath.  Your hair is in a demure style and you let the dress speak for you. Well done! 
 Not so hot in dance costume
We like edgy fashion, but this one didn’t hit the sweet spot.  We are sure you know Latin dancers because that is what you dressed like.   You look like one of the dancers on stage behind some top flight Salsa band.  We looked around for two or three more people dressed identical to you.  FYI - Ditch the phone when you take red carpet photos.  At least your petite and toned body size fits well into the nicely skimpy two piece dance costume.   And, you get a thumbs up on the badass shoe meter.


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