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May we pose the question of whether our current party-based system of deciding Parliamentary seats is still viable 30 years after independence?  Is the time fast approaching where there needs to be a plebiscite on whether parties should decide on law makers, particularly in local elections, or whether the people in a community have the right to choose who they want to represent them, regardless of national parties and party-politics?  

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A steady number of Chinese tourists or people who have travelled to China are entering Namibia right now. With last month's outbreak of the baffling, yet contagious and debilitating coronavirus, cases of infection are spreading in China and other countries.  Is the Namibian Ministry of Health paying attention to this? 

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The results of the November 27th elections in Namibia were the most significant in this country’s history.  The participation of the Swapo Party member and ‘independent’ presidential candidate, Panduleni Itula changed the political face of this nation.  And yet, this political lightening rod is trying to overturn the very elections that he can claim to have won in significant ways.

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We agree with the recent comments made by Ministers Tom Alweendo, Calle Schlettwein and Leon Jooste expressing their points of view on the corruption of those given positions of public trust.  However, we recognize that one of the sacrifices of public service is a suppression of one’s personal point of view.
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As long as the fishrot former ministers remain in the high echelons of the ruling party, they bring disrepute upon Swapo. This leaves a nasty taint on the President of the party. Geingob has made much of his zero tolerance for corruption.  And yet, THREE of his appointed ministers have been convicted or credibly accused of serious malfeasance. By his own words in February 2018, the president reshuffled ministers due to unspecified corruption allegations.
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While the national election votes are being counted, the other landmark story of the month trudges forward. The entire fishrot gang has been arrested. In the gang are two long-serving former ‘Honourable’ Members of Cabinet. Former ministers Sackey Shanghala and Bernard Esau join Katrina Hanse-Himarwa in making 2019 a historic year of political shame. Three Namibian ministers have been arrested and put before the court for corruption. What does this signify?
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Registered voters entering the booths on November 27th will have a necessary, but challenging task.  We believe the public is faced with a daunting question: How do you select a meal, when little on offer provides what is needed to end your hunger?  When making their choice at the polls, Namibians starving for change must pick through the crumbs to find enough to eat.
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We are not open-mouthed in surprise at the well-researched and professionally presented article “Kickback Kings” headlining the Namibian newspaper on Wednesday this week.
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