• 24
  • May
AR firebrand, Job Amupanda, is hot on the case of government for its failure to implement the apartheid era 1977 Rent Control Ordinance.
  • 18
  • May
This week’s police action against a reportedly notorious armed robber, Sakaria Amateta (aka Kablou) which resulted in the accused criminal’s death,
  • 11
  • May
The recently announced streamlining of qualification criteria for the pilot food bank in Windhoek is not a surprise to us. 
  • 27
  • Apr
I think I have a slightly different definition of empowerment and entitlement.
  • 27
  • Apr
Why are we spending money to provide VIP security for deputy ministers and presidential advisors at a time when government has frozen the hiring of desperately needed new nurses and police recruits? 
  • 20
  • Apr
Some drums must be continually sounded; the cacophony against poverty in Namibia is one of those reverberations that must never slack off. 
  • 13
  • Apr
Notwithstanding the president’s statements about corruption in this week’s State of the Nation Address (SONA),
  • 06
  • Apr
The importance of the president’s official visit to China cannot be understated. 
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