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  • Oct
To say we are utterly disappointed at the ‘deal’ recently crafted to fulfil the Namibian land ownership aspirations of a Russian businessman is an understatement.
  • 12
  • Oct
The land conference is over and now the predictable statement from President Geingob at the October 9th Cabinet meeting has been released, bearing a cornucopia of “quick wins and low hanging fruit” as an ad hoc attempt to make placating offerings to segments of society that are ill at ease about the land crisis.
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  • Oct
The point of communication is to be heard.  It is in that vein that we strongly believe that excessively negative insults, crude labelling and name-calling are not communication, but noise. 
  • 28
  • Sep
We think the myriad of issues popping up around the land question is actually a smokescreen covering the real battleground about land in Namibia, which is the conflict between the dispossessed and the elites.
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  • Sep
When you make an investment, you balance the risks and expect returns, or else why do it? 
  • 07
  • Sep
While we all wait on tenterhooks for an arrest, trial and conviction of the unknown, but horrific murderer of nine-year-old, Avihe Cheryl Ujaha, we cannot help, but jump at shadows and tremble in fear for our own children and ourselves. 
  • 31
  • Aug
We are very concerned that Namibia’s deep well of new and innovative ideas to extricate the country from its current financial morass, uplift the people, and project an international image of an energetic country for the 21st century, is bone dry. 
  • 24
  • Aug

August 26th is Heroes’ Day in Namibia.  It is a national holiday and a major one.  Along with National Day, this holiday should be a moment to pause, stop all complaints for a minute and think about what is going RIGHT in Namibia and celebrate those who fought to make that happen.

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