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The issue of foreign companies appearing to usurp local companies in bids for lucrative tenders in road works project (in other areas as well), will not go away; nor should it.  The public must continue to demand practical inclusion in projects paid with state funds. 
  • 22
  • Feb
This week, IUM Founder and Chairperson, former Minister of Education, David Namwandi, made a speech at the opening of his university’s Nkurenkuru Campus’ academic year, posing a vital question:  how is it that high unemployment in Namibia is not a major issue?  We echo his query.
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  • Feb
We look with interest at the ongoing saga of dictates from the SWAPO leadership articulated by Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa, being challenged by officials on local councils and regional authorities.
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  • Jan
As 2019 begins, we are faced yet again with the never-ending spectre of the housing and land crisis. 
The status quo of housing backlogs, urban migration, unused yet completed mass housing, municipal failures to service the land, and government paralysis over the matter has become ‘normal’ in Namibia.
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  • Jan
If a full blown economic depression in Namibia is not enough to make the president curtail foreign travel that does not specifically bring back short-term investment or donor assistance, we are at a loss to know what will. 
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  • Dec
There is no doubt that many are happy to see 2018 end.  Businesses, households and government have all struggled financially over the past 12 months and can only hope that 2019 won’t be worse. 
While we wish everyone a happy holiday, we caution all to take steps to prepare for a stark 2019. 
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  • Dec
We are vexed by an end-of-year cabinet meeting that uses descriptive adjectives like “ethical” and “integrity” attached to the activities and performance outcomes of some cabinet members in this recession-battered year of 2018.  We find some words used in the president’s statement to be off the mark. 
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  • Nov
The decision by Rio Tinto to sell its 68 percent stake in Rössing Uranium to China National Uranium Corporation (CNUC) is yet another example of how Namibian governments over the years,
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