• 28
  • Sep

IN Namibia, abortion is only permitted on medical grounds – that is when the continued pregnancy of a women endangers her physical or mental well-being or that of her unborn baby.

  • 28
  • Sep

Julius Malema, or Juju, as he is fondly known, is an interesting character indeed. The former ANC Youth League (ANCYL) leader is still blazing a trail months after his removal from the leadership of the youth organisation.

  • 28
  • Sep

Director-General of the National Planning Commission Tom Alweendo this week expressed concern about the country’s precipitous decline in international business competitiveness rankings.

  • 21
  • Sep

With the wonders of modern medicine, people in most countries no longer regard becoming ill as a catastrophe, or as inevitably fatal.
Unfortunately, one cannot say the same about the situation in Namibia.

  • 07
  • Sep

THE recently concluded Swapo Youth League (SPYL) conference certainly provided more than enough drama and fireworks to keep everybody on the edge of their seats.

  • 31
  • Aug

WE live in dangerous times right now. People, particularly in politics and the media, have become delirious with congress fever and this seems to have slightly unhinged some people’s minds.
The Swapo Party Youth League congress that started this week perhaps provides an appetiser or foretaste of what we can expect in the run-up to the main congress of Swapo towards the end of the year.

  • 24
  • Aug

The strike at the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation that led to a total news blackout across large swathes of the country for six days finally ended on Wednesday this week.
The striking NBC employees only ended their industrial action after Government seemingly managed to pull off an extraordinary magical trick.

  • 17
  • Aug

WE welcome the decision by African Personnel Services (APS) to shelve its application for an urgent interdict against the implementation of the amendments to the Labour Act.
The company should go further and drop the case it earlier lodged in the High Court challenging the constitutionality of Section 128 of the Labour Amendment Act.
Our advice to APS is give up; stop wasting your money on a futile exercise and on attempting to justify something that is morally indefensible.
Even if APS wins the case, it can only win it on legal technicalities and that will amount to a pyrrhic victory.


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