• 22
  • Nov

The sudden rise in labour unrest in recent months has left many of us perplexed and scratching our heads wondering what the reasons behind it might be.

  • 16
  • Nov

When Frankie Fredericks won four silver medals at two Olympics, Michelle McLean won the Miss Universe crown and Johanna Benson won gold at the Paralympics it filled us with pride.

  • 09
  • Nov

The Government has apparently now agreed to offer all public servants, including striking teachers, an across-the-board 8 percent salary increase.

  • 02
  • Nov

Labour relations in this country seem to have spun out of control and are now in a complete state of disintegration and chaos.

  • 26
  • Oct

The Cabinet announcement that Government will subsidise water supply to roughly 84,000 impoverished households comes as welcome relief to a thirsty land.

  • 19
  • Oct

NOT so very long ago senior Swapo leaders called for an orderly succession process to choose the party’s next president-in-waiting, using what they described as a system of ‘guided democracy’.

  • 12
  • Oct

THE more things change, the more they tend to slide backwards. This seems to be the case with the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL).

  • 05
  • Oct

These days you criticise MTC at your own peril, especially if you are in the media. The same pretty well applies to Telecom Namibia.


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