• 12
  • Jul
All media houses are opining on the guilty verdict against the (now) former Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa and her subsequent resignation.
  • 05
  • Jul
When reviewing the long-running, ongoing money battles between the two SOEs, Namibia Airports Company (NAC) and Air Namibia, we think there is no better example of the skewed situation existing for public enterprises.
  • 28
  • Jun
There is no doubt that Namibian Defence Force (NDF) soldiers killing and assaulting unarmed civilians is unacceptable and such cases must be handled in the courts according to the relevant laws. 
  • 21
  • Jun

With all due respect to the talent and good character of Angelina Immanuel, we see the more than 1,400 votes garnered in her name in the June 15th Ondangwa Urban Constituency by elections as a protest vote representative of a SWAPO vs SWAPO outcry that demonstrates continued discontent within the party.  We believe her participation in the election is a watershed event and she is to be congratulated for her efforts.  However, the votes won under her name were likely not due specifically to her leadership or personal support base. 

  • 14
  • Jun
The various unions threatening strike actions if they aren’t given salary hikes need to have a dose of cold, wet financial reality thrown in their faces. 
  • 07
  • Jun
In the middle of an economic depression, where jobs are being lost left, right and centre, few jobs are on offer in the civil service, kids are dying in shack fires, students aren’t able to have loans for education and anger in the streets is rising, building an ostentatious new SWAPO headquarters (HQ) right now, reportedly with Chinese financial support, is a mistake.
  • 31
  • May
Recently, President Hage Geingob met with student leaders at State House and is quoted as saying that not all students accepting NSFAF loans for their education have parents who are without financial options. 
  • 24
  • May

In February this year, President Hage Geingob announced a 15-member Commission of Inquiry into Ancestral Land Claim and Restitution.  

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