• 25
  • Apr

People have already said and written so much about last week’s Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) but we won’t let that prevent us from also throwing our two-cents worth in.

  • 19
  • Apr

IN a sense, it is surprising how little reaction the latest unemployment figures released by the Namibia Statistics Agency have evoked.

  • 12
  • Apr

What a letdown! The report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Ministry of Health has largely failed to live up to expectations.

  • 05
  • Apr

The sight of the hyenas viciously fighting over the rich pickings of the Neckartal Dam project does not make a pleasant sight. The Tender Board previously put the tender on hold pending a review process because of suspected irregularities in the award of the tender.

  • 27
  • Mar

THE response of our Government to the terrible drought gripping the country has been pretty abysmal so far. It is unacceptable for the Government to claim that it is still carrying out an assessment of the situation.

  • 21
  • Mar

WHERE there’s smoke there’s fire. When things happen, they happen for a reason.
This makes one wonder, why there is this sudden wave of unprecedented unrest among the so-called ‘Children of the Struggle’ – sometimes simply known as struggle kids.

  • 15
  • Mar

THE Minister of Lands and Resettlement Alpheus !Naruseb took a very firm and uncompromising position when dealing with Baster Kaptein John McNab’s opposition to the draft new Deeds Bill.
However, the position the Government has taken on the Rehoboth land question raises worrying questions about the whole system of customary land tenure in the country.

  • 07
  • Mar

PEOPLE who live in glass houses shouldn’t eat horsemeat. That is probably what many Namibian farmers feel about the ‘horsemeat sold as beef’ scandal that has rocked Europe. Not that there is anything wrong with eating horsemeat, but to the contrary many cultures around the world consider horsemeat – particularly smoked horsemeat – a rare delicacy.

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