• 22
  • Aug

The decision to rename the Caprivi region and the town of Lüderitz to Zambezi region and !Nami?Nüs respectively has provoked a storm of protest in some quarters. Whatever one might think of the new names, it should serve to remind us that the question of place names will always remain a sensitive issue.

  • 15
  • Aug

The increasing lawlessness among members of the various branches of our security forces has reached disastrous level. This is by no means a new problem, but an issue that has persistently plagued our security forces ever since independence.

  • 08
  • Aug

The announcement by the Government Institutions Pension Fund this week that it has committed N$2.3 billion to its unlisted investments portfolio seems like welcome news.

  • 01
  • Aug

Finally, Government has come to its senses and decided to bring some relief to hard-pressed sheep farmers in the communal areas who teeter on the brink of ruination.

  • 26
  • Jul

HAVE a heart for our poor dairy farmers. The last remaining independent dairies around the country have closed down one by one until there are now none left. However, nostalgia will not ease the plight of our dairy farmers and we need to approach this problem in a hard headed and realistic manner.

  • 18
  • Jul

IT pains one to hear that people who desperately need food aid in the Ohangwena Region simply do not receive sufficient quantities of the promised Government drought relief aid.

  • 11
  • Jul

WHEN will it ever end? Just when we thought the odour of the human faeces saga had dissipated, another incident involving a Chinese national has hit the headlines.

  • 04
  • Jul

We Namibians seem highly susceptible to the latest catch phrases, buzzwords, jargon and clichés.

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