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PEOPLE who live in glass houses shouldn’t eat horsemeat. That is probably what many Namibian farmers feel about the ‘horsemeat sold as beef’ scandal that has rocked Europe. Not that there is anything wrong with eating horsemeat, but to the contrary many cultures around the world consider horsemeat – particularly smoked horsemeat – a rare delicacy.

  • 01
  • Mar

Finance Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila seems to have taken a huge gamble and bet everything but the kitchen sink on her 2013/14 national budget. For the sake of all of us, we fervently hope the gamble pays off.

  • 22
  • Feb

THE world has showered Namibia with accolades including for its stellar press freedom and the recent Bloomberg rating of the country as the top emerging economy in Africa. This makes it clear that in the span of just over two decades, we live in a country that has made remarkable strides, and continues to be a trailblazer and shining example for the rest of the continent and for the world.

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  • Feb

THE High Court acquittal of 43 defendants in the Caprivi Treason is long overdue and should have happened years ago. It may not be the end, but we hope it is at least the beginning of the end for the whole sorry Caprivi Secession/Treason Trial saga.

  • 08
  • Feb

NOT surprisingly the highly offensive remarks German Ambassador Onno Hückmann made in the presence of Prime Minister Hage Geingob this week have caused widespread outrage. He might as well have spit in Geingob’s face!

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  • Feb

THE enactment of the legislation creating the State Owned Enterprise Governance Council (SOEGC) in 2006 gave us all reason for hope about the future of the country’s parastatals. When SOEGC became operational in 2008, we hoped it would spell the end of mismanagement, inefficiency, waste and corruption at the parastatals.

  • 24
  • Jan

The time has finally come for Government to apply the brakes and stop pouring billions of dollars in taxpayer’s money into the bottomless pit called Air Namibia. From a business viewpoint, the company has been a complete turkey ever since its creation in October 1991.

  • 11
  • Jan

Namibians greeted the recent news that, starting this year, Government will introduce universal, free primary education to learners from Grade 0 to 7 with widespread jubilation.


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