• 24
  • Oct

Words cannot express the deep sense of sorrow and even outrage most of us feel about the killing of a learner by a security guard at the Ella du Plessis School in Windhoek. The incident will no doubt open up a new round of angst and fretful debate about the role of guns in our society.

  • 17
  • Oct

MANY of us must have slightly mixed feelings about the African Union resolution that no serving AU Head of State should be required to appear before any international court or tribunal during their term of office.

  • 10
  • Oct

THE poor just can’t catch a break, can they? They face a seemingly never-ending onslaught of aggressors that conspire to deepen their poverty. If it’s not widespread unemployment, then it is drought, flood, spiralling food and transport costs or simply homelessness.

  • 03
  • Oct

THE article published in the Windhoek Observer last week under the headline “Medical Aids, Doctors in Tariff War” opens up the opportunity for a very timely debate on this very important subject.

  • 26
  • Sep

One cannot overemphasise the importance of the United Nations conference on desertification currently underway in our country’s capital Windhoek, and ends on Friday. Sadly, however, the subject matter of the conference seems to have passed over most people’s heads, and it somehow seems not to have engaged the attention of the average Namibian citizen.

  • 12
  • Sep

We all really needed something to lift our spirits after the gloom of a bleak, cold winter and the persistent drought that afflicts most of the country. The onset of warmer summer weather and the announcement of Government’s Mass Housing Development Initiative could not have come at a better time to help cheer us up.

  • 06
  • Sep

It is difficult to understand all the toing and froing over the release of the report the Fourth Delimitation Commission. Things that people regard as routine and relatively simple matters in most countries always become extremely complicated in this country.

  • 29
  • Aug

During his Heroes’ Day speech at Omugulugwombashe, President Hifikepunye Pohamba made some remarks about the land question that gave some people hope that Government might finally start taking land reform seriously.

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