• 06
  • Feb

Really, some people simply have no shame. The latest case in point being, Deputy Minister for Veterans Affairs Hilma Nikanor’s unsavoury use of her name and position to acquire land from the City of Windhoek at a bargain-basement price.

  • 30
  • Jan

A whole ten months remain before the Presidential and National Assembly Elections, but the political silly season has already gone into full swing.

  • 23
  • Jan

IT has become somewhat trite to point out that our Government has launched many noble initiatives but invariable fails to implement them effectively. However, how can one avoid constantly pointing this out when Government seems to make the same mistakes over and over again and year after year?

  • 16
  • Jan

The New Year has started pretty much the same way as the old year ended with Namibian companies fighting like cats and dogs over lucrative tenders, accompanied by the usual threats of vicious and drawn out court battles.

  • 09
  • Jan

The latest decision by the Botswana government to ban all import of second hand cars through to Zimbabwe once again shows that all the regional summits of SADC leaders for the free movement of goods and people is just a pipe dream.

  • 19
  • Dec

President Hifikepunye Pohamba is always full of surprises, and one never knows what he is going to say next. Only last weekend he told residents of Kavango West that the Government could not force anyone to vote in national elections, and that if people did not want to vote they should stay at home.

  • 12
  • Dec

It was a proud moment for Namibians to see President Hifikepunye Pohamba play such a central role at the memorial service for the late South African president Nelson Mandela.

  • 05
  • Dec

The new “Growth at Home” strategy launched amid pomp and pageantry by Prime Minister, Hage Geingob is indeed a good initiative for the country, as far as national objectives such as the 4th National Development Plan (NDP4) and food self-sufficiency is concerned.


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