• 03
  • May
The existing SOEs have collectively gathered a debt of N$43 billion or 25 percent of this nation’s GDP.  However, the Ministry of Public Enterprises (MPE) is empowered to ensure that PEs are well managed and reduce the financial burden on the state.
  • 29
  • Apr
The recent murder of a Namibian citizen by a Chinese national working in Namibia is an outrage and tragedy.  However, we believe that the ‘hang’em high’ fever pitch that is erupting, is unseemly. 
  • 18
  • Apr
Editorialising on the bloody and fatal week that Namibia has suffered just before the Easter holiday is a daunting task.  But such loss of life must have meaning as a wake-up call or else it is just frightening carnage and gore.  
  • 12
  • Apr
We weary of confetti, ribbon cuttings and glory speeches when promising economic programmes such as the green schemes run by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) under Agribusdev  are launched, and years down the line when positive results were promised, we find the programmes grossly under-funded, poorly staffed, and operating with no momentum for success.
  • 08
  • Apr
People must believe that their law makers follow the law, otherwise why should they as ordinary citizens?  The perception of integrity and high standards must come from the very top. 
  • 25
  • Mar
Reflecting on 29 years of independence in Namibia, we can spend hours questioning whether we have achieved the lofty, excited dreams we felt on March 21, 1990 - OR, we can hold on to our national pride, respect for heroes who fought to liberate the country and on one glorious day per year, shout to the world that we are not dead yet! 
  • 08
  • Mar
The issue of foreign companies appearing to usurp local companies in bids for lucrative tenders in road works project (in other areas as well), will not go away; nor should it.  The public must continue to demand practical inclusion in projects paid with state funds. 
  • 22
  • Feb
This week, IUM Founder and Chairperson, former Minister of Education, David Namwandi, made a speech at the opening of his university’s Nkurenkuru Campus’ academic year, posing a vital question:  how is it that high unemployment in Namibia is not a major issue?  We echo his query.
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