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  • May
May 12, 2016 is the 87th birthday of the Founding President of Namibia and the first president of the Swapo party, Dr Sam Nujoma and we wish him many happy and healthy returns.
  • 22
  • Apr
Sadly, we have to ask ourselves if President Hage Geingob’s belief in his authority is eroding.  If so, we question why does a president who received a landslide mandate from the electorate take actions that seem to imply that he has decreasing tolerance for differing opinions, constructive criticism or principled disagreement.  
  • 15
  • Apr
After consideration of the latest presidential approach to AR on the housing problem, we are once again unsure about how our president handles crises, criticism and conflict. 
  • 08
  • Apr
We support the introduction of NEEEF as a transformative imperative, but have serious reservations about its consultative interventions.
Colonialism, and later apartheid, systematically and purposefully restricted the majority of Namibians from meaningful participation in the economy.
  • 18
  • Mar

At 26 years old, Namibia, like most countries in the world, faces social challenges that plague segments of the society, regardless of their economic status and ethnic group. 

  • 11
  • Mar

This week, heads of Namibian media houses were invited to State House for a high level discussion about news reporting and the potentially negative impact of some stories carried worldwide.

  • 04
  • Mar

As we all bang our heads against the wall of numbers, statistics, calculations and figures in the national budget, one seemingly united point of view echoes:  the education of Namibians is important.

  • 26
  • Feb

Successive Namibian governments have not fully committed to obtaining reparations for the Herero and Nama victims of genocide, because they have not entirely supported the idea. 


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