• 16
  • Aug
Recent cases of foreign billionaires, overseas companies and erstwhile investors buying land, privilege and protection in Namibia are a concerning trend. 
  • 09
  • Aug
We recently read a story in a local daily about a spectacular ‘donation’ of N$657 billion for infrastructure development from a company called African Experts Federation (AEF) that was just lying on the table for Namibia to simply pick it up, sign some papers, and review the details ‘later’.  Ostensibly, the dinner bell is ringing, “Come and get it!”
  • 02
  • Aug
During a recent bridge tournament, once again in my life, cultural insensitivity reared its tiresome head and I was forced to smile and endure it, lest I ‘rock the boat’.  
  • 26
  • Jul
The president asked the public assembled in Omuthiya, “Why are people so angry?” As the elected leader of the Namibian nation, he, more than anyone else is in the best position to answer this surprising query. 
  • 19
  • Jul
We welcome the recent comments by Home Affairs Minister Frans Kapofi against tribalism and challenging the perception that all benefits from independence until now has gone only to the Aawambo. 
  • 12
  • Jul
All media houses are opining on the guilty verdict against the (now) former Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa and her subsequent resignation.
  • 05
  • Jul
When reviewing the long-running, ongoing money battles between the two SOEs, Namibia Airports Company (NAC) and Air Namibia, we think there is no better example of the skewed situation existing for public enterprises.
  • 28
  • Jun
There is no doubt that Namibian Defence Force (NDF) soldiers killing and assaulting unarmed civilians is unacceptable and such cases must be handled in the courts according to the relevant laws. 
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