• 02
  • Jun
We applaud the National Planning Commission for the work that obviously went into preparing and presenting fifth National Development Plan (NDP5). 
  • 26
  • May
The determined push by the SWAPO Party Acting President and Secretary General for Geingob to be the sole candidate for party presidency at the upcoming elective Congress is undemocratic.  It could even be construed as evidence that the acting party president is uncertain of winning support from the majority of his own constituency. 
  • 19
  • May

We are all aware of the ill-treatment King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas has been receiving recently, which prompts us to ask: at what point will the president intervene and prevent the increasingly degrading and humiliating statements being made about the Ondonga Royal Family?

  • 12
  • May
The recently announced increase in electricity rates by an additional eight percent is a scorching indictment of the failure of successive Namibian administrations to prioritise the need for affordable renewable energy.
  • 05
  • May
On an issue as sensitive as land is in Namibia, our president must take great care not to shade, qualify, backtrack and obfuscate his position.  He must be consistent, clear and concise.  He ought not to change his position or presentation of his position solely based on which audience is before him.  It sends the wrong signals.
  • 28
  • Apr

When we talk about corruption, the land issue and mismanagement problems in Namibia, these accusations are always focused on black people in political office, local Government or businesses. We reject this limited scope. Failure to fully identify a problem means failure to come up with viable solutions.

  • 21
  • Apr

We have been following reports of the recent public appearance by the highly respected, but infirm, 82-year-old King, Immaunel Elifas. here is a plethora of credible information about the interference of the King’s wife in official responsibilities which has caused general confusion and dissatisfaction amongst his subjects.

  • 13
  • Apr

We read with interest a news report about a local famer giving workshops on how to grow and harvest fly larvae. Over 800 people have spent their hard earned money to take these lessons. Some have even sold animals and taken loans to pay for this training.


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