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  • 27
  • Oct
The recent furore over a CNN news report claiming that Namibia has not complied with UN Security Council (UN SC) sanctions on North Korea may well be a tempest in a teapot.
  • 20
  • Oct
We are concerned that our president is out of touch and focuses too much of his time and attention on things that are not priorities for the Namibian people.
  • 13
  • Oct
The single-minded drive for power by the Acting President of the SWAPO Party, Hage Geingob, may be a medicine with serious negative side effects.
  • 06
  • Oct
With the spate of officials falling under ‘investigations’ or being charged to investigate others in Government, the glaring hypocrisy is the bureaucratically incestuous relationships between those doing the questioning and those answering them.
  • 29
  • Sep
As Pick n Pay South Africa starts issuing a ‘credit card’ that allows people to buy their groceries on credit, we hope that the relevant authorities here in Namibia will never allow such a move.
  • 22
  • Sep
We are concerned about the current online vitriol against the Windhoek Observer emanating from a vociferous minority on social media who support Geingob’s bid for the presidency of the SWAPO Party. 
  • 15
  • Sep
After reading the recent comments attributed to Presidential Affairs Minister, Frans Kapofi, regarding his role in the SME Bank collapse, the loss of N$200 million in funds and the tragic loss of over 300 jobs,
  • 08
  • Sep
We firmly back President Hage Geingob’s unequivocal stance on not recognising former SWATF and Koevoet members as veterans. 
In fact we cannot grasp any single straw of legitimacy in claims by many from this group of citizens, led by the informal spokesperson orga
  • 01
  • Sep
The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has yet again punted its responsibilities to fight corruption and dumped their duties onto the people seeking its help to bring such illegalities under control. 
We have to ask:  ACC, Quid tu facis?  (What are you doing?)
  • 25
  • Aug
We are concerned that in the rush to exonerate the sitting president for Namibia’s financial woes, the responsibility for anything negative that happens in the country is being assigned to ‘no one.’  This is unacceptable.
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