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The CEO of the Government Insurance Pension Fund (GIPF), David Nuyoma made a comment this week that needs to be repeated.  He said, “The GIPF will not be making any rushed investment decisions [due to the virus].”  This wisdom needs to be injected into our Covid-19 mitigation ideas and plans right now. 

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As of the publication date of this newspaper, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Namibia.  However, seven cases have been confirmed in South Africa (as of March 11, 2020).  Emotive, alarmist panic about this disease is counterproductive.  Being informed, alert and prepared is best path available.

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On the eve of the Inaugural of Hage Geingob for his second and final term as president of Namibia, there are three ‘voices’ from the public glaringly present in the national political debate about the future of the country.
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Whether we like it or not, times have changed. This may sound like a vacuous cliché, but it is a cold hard fact. If you don’t recognize that things are moving forward in every aspect of life in the Land of the Brave, you are already left behind.
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The culpability for the Fishrot scandal lies with every Cabinet member or Member of Parliament that has direct or indirect beneficiation from any fishing interest. In addition, we believe that the Swapo ruling party -unless it declares and shows evidence that they never received money or services from a fishing concern- shares some guilt for the mess as well.
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To ask the Supreme Court to review its conclusions is within the rights of any Namibian citizen.  But, smashing your head against a brick wall to do so, could be ill-advised.
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I had to go to a police station recently (no need to say which one) to handle some administrative business.
The place was quite an awful building. As well as being too crowded (there were five people working in an office clearly built for one; I wouldn’t even want to imagine the cells), the place was dirty. Disgusting.
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With all due respect Mr President, when you hold the highest office in the land and things go terribly wrong, it is on you.  Moreover, we look to leaders for inspiration, not pointing towards their appointees as the bad guys. 
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May we pose the question of whether our current party-based system of deciding Parliamentary seats is still viable 30 years after independence?  Is the time fast approaching where there needs to be a plebiscite on whether parties should decide on law makers, particularly in local elections, or whether the people in a community have the right to choose who they want to represent them, regardless of national parties and party-politics?  

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A steady number of Chinese tourists or people who have travelled to China are entering Namibia right now. With last month's outbreak of the baffling, yet contagious and debilitating coronavirus, cases of infection are spreading in China and other countries.  Is the Namibian Ministry of Health paying attention to this? 

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