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Are chickens finally coming home to roost?

30 April 2015

Various media outlets have on several occasions questioned the relationship between the former Works and Transport Minister Erkki Nghimtina and the embattled former RCC acting CEO Pieter Oosthuizen.

It is public knowledge that the appointment of Oosthuizen as acting CEO of the Roads Contractor Company and as TransNamib Chairman raised a few eyebrows not least because of his questionable qualifications.

For some time the minister was asked to explain his relationship with Oosthuizen whose qualifications appeared dubious, but he simply ignored those requests.

For long people have asked if whether the relationship between Nghimtina and Oosthuizen was above board, but again these concerns were rubbished as the work of people with a vendetta against the minister.

The minister was probably the only person in this country who saw Oosthuizen’s value at RCC and TransNamib.

Oosthuizen was forced down our throats as the messiah who had come to rescue the ailing TransNamib and RCC, but recent evidence suggests that his helm at both TransNamib and the RCC has been nothing but a disaster.

The extent of the rot at the Roads Contractor Company and TransNamib has exposed Nghimtina.

The minister has this unenviable reputation of turning into dust everything that he touches. Look at the rot at the works and transport ministry, RCC, TransNamib, Air Namibia and the DCA.

It was also during his tenure as Mines and Energy Minister that Namcor crumbled only to be rescued during Katali’s era when he brought in a new board for the parastatal and a new managing director.

One wonders why the minister was protecting useless individuals who were masquerading as CEOs.

It is interesting to note that Oosthuizen has decided to jump ship and resign as RCC acting CEO only a month after Nghimtina was shipped to the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation.

Is this mere coincidence or the burden of leading the bankrupt RCC indeed became too much to bear for Oosthuizen?

Oosthuizen may claim, and justifiably so, that the problems at RCC are historical and did not start during his time, but can he justify his presence there?

The same is also true for TransNamib.

Oosthuizen saw shadows at every corner and suspended key personnel at both RCC and TransNamib. What was he afraid of?

RCC is now down on its knees and it will be foolhardy for the Government to bail out this company as the taxpayer’s money will just disappear into this bottomless pit called RCC.

It’s not the first time that the company has embarked on a turnaround strategy that failed to yield the intended results. They say once bitten twice shy.

Instead of throwing money at RCC, proper forensic investigations should be carried out to determine the real cause of the rot at the parastatal and those responsible should be brought to book. There should be no sacred cows.


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