Flogging a dead horse

10 October 2014

The much touted presence of firebrand South African politician Julius Malema at the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) election manifesto launch in Windhoek on Saturday is akin to flogging a dead horse.

Political friends and foes have come to respect (at least some in private) Julius Malema even though his brand of politics has been labelled as disruptive.

While many people might not agree with Malema’s political ideology, his good oratorical skills have lent him an ear even from his enemies.

The way the former ANCYL league president articulates and argues his party’s position has left South Africa and indeed the rest of the continent spellbound.

No wonder his party, against all odds, surprised at the polls by becoming the third biggest party in the South African parliament.

Enter the NEFF

Malema’s appeal has won him admirers across the continent, notably the leadership of the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters whose admiration of the man is legendary.

Not satisfied with just admiring Malema and his brand of politics, the NEFF leadership took a step further than everyone else by launching their party styled along Malema’s EFF.

They even claimed to be a sister party of the EFF and to have received blessings from Malema before launching their party, something that was later disputed.

The brains behind the formation of the NEFF foolishly thought that by copying and pasting Malema’s brand of politics, they would easily win the hearts of the Namibian working class.  And they nearly did until they opened their mouths.

We cringe every time the NEFF leadership open up their mouths to say something. You can trust them to say something that is out of sync with reality or present day politics – it is such an embarrassment.

Someone needs to remind the NEFF leadership that while Malema has been a success so far in South African politics, they are not Malema and their project will suffer a stillbirth.

Watching Werner Januarie on NBC this week on the programme One-on One was torture to the eye and ear.

The guy is so clueless it makes you wonder what this party will offer to the Namibian political landscape, save for confusion.

Besides their intimidating red berets and overalls, everything about the NEFF is a disgrace and it makes us wonder why Malema, as clever as he sounds and appears to be, would want to be associated with such mediocrity if the claims of him coming to Namibia this weekend are true.

The NEFF is such a non-entity they have to ride on someone else’s wave of popularity for anyone to notice them.

The party’s high-sounding policies will not fool the Namibian electorate especially since the party leadership themselves cannot even articulate them eloquently.

So far, the NEFF leadership has proved that they are but a circus, which no clear thinking members of the Namibian society can take seriously.

They have just regurgitated unconvincingly what Malema has said before, but something that is not practical, for example, the nationalisation of mines, a topic without a place in today’s politics.

If Malema comes to town tomorrow, that will not necessarily change the fortunes of the NEFF whose leadership is full of daydreamers.


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