Berliner arrives

27 June 2013

Today when you pick your copy of the Windhoek Observer, you will no doubt be surprised at how different the newspaper looks and feels – but pleasantly surprised we hope.

With this week’s edition, the Windhoek Observer embarks on a new and exciting chapter in its history with the launch of the new ‘Berliner’ newspaper format.

The decision to change from the old broadsheet format to a Berliner is not a decision the newspaper took lightly. It came only after careful consideration of what we thought would best serve the interest of our readers.

We are confident the new format will give the Windhoek Observer a fresh, appealing, more reader-friendly and modern look while at the same time offering our readers the convenience of an easy to carry publication.

The move to change to a Berliner forms part of the newspaper’s never-ending quest to continuously improve the Windhoek Observer and the quality of the product we offer the consumer in the Namibian media market.

When Paragon Media launched the new Windhoek Observer on 1 March 2009, it promised the newspaper-reading public something completely different as far as newspapers go.

True to its motto of “Setting The Nation’s Agenda” the new Windhoek Observer has always set out to address issues that reflect the genuine concerns, aspirations and interests of the broad majority of the Namibian population.

At the launch of the newspaper, we promised that we would be “creative, hard-hitting, honest, respectable, unconventional, fresh, stimulating, informative, educative and entertaining”.

We have absolutely no doubt that we have lived up to that brand promise, and more.

On a weekly basis, this newspaper challenges the commonly held belief among media pundits and advertisers that the public has no real interest in serious news or real issues.

When the new Windhoek Observer launched in March 2009 media veterans and advertising agencies placed bets that the newspaper would not survive more than three to six months.

Here we are four and a half years later still alive and kicking, but also thriving and growing, which shows how little the so-called pundits or advertising gurus actually know.

We have become a firm fixture of the local media market and have gained a large measure of respect and credibility among our readers and peers as a source of reliable news.

We have virtually cornered the market on authoritative political journalism and made it our own special franchise.

We are the only newspaper that consistently, accurately and correctly predicted the outcome of the Swapo vice-presidential race and therefore the frontrunner for becoming the country’s next president.

This is while the main daily newspapers in the country focused on disinformation campaigns and agitprop.

We pride ourselves on being the thinking man and woman’s newspaper, targeted at thoughtful people who can read and appreciate what we offer.

The new look and feel of the Windhoek Observer in the Berliner format will not change the core values of the newspaper.

Hopefully, it will just make these values more accessible to a wider audience among the Namibian reading public.

With the change to the Berliner format, the Windhoek Observer finds itself in illustrious company that includes Le Monde in France, The Guardian and The Observer in the United Kingdom and New York Times in the United States.

The attractive size of the Berliner will offer or readers the benefits of easier to navigate content and the presentation of graphic material and pictures that has more impact.

Last but not least, it might ease the burden of tired limbs when extending one’s arms out to read previous broadsheet.

Today the journey of the Windhoek Observer takes another step forward and in this case, the destination is just as important as the journey itself.

We hope you will stay with us on what we believe will be an enlightening and stimulating journey. Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!



The Windhoek Observer is an English-language weekly newspaper, published in Namibia by Paragon Investment Holding. It is the country's oldest and largest circulating weekly.

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