Zimbabweans expected to plead guilty in gruesome murder of girl

28 January 2020 Author   Jeremiah Ndjoze
The four people, Zimbabwean citizens by all indications, who are facing charges in connection with the gruesome murder of a nine or ten-year old Zimbabwean girl, Akundaishe Natalie Chipombo, in Windhoek last week Friday are expected to enter guilty pleas during their first appearance in court tomorrow.
Due to a diligent and rigorous police investigation, which is still in progress and new information suggesting that the accused intend to enter guilty pleas, their appearance has been delayed until tomorrow (Wednesday).
According to a Control Prosecutor close to the case the accused persons are supposed to be brought before a magistrate within 48 hours of their arrest and investigators have been advised to use the remaining time to prepare watertight charges to be brought against the suspects.
“There were proposals to bring the accused to court at 14h00 hours today (Tuesday), but since there is still time, we have advised investigators to use the remaining time to carry out a proper and meticulous investigation to avoid technical glitches by rushing to finalize the charges,” the source divulged, speaking on condition of anonymity.
One of the suspects, Edward Nkata, is said to be a pastor by day and traditional healer by night. Sources have it that Nkata had two wives living with him at a residential complex along Rhino Street, near the Rhino Park Private Hospital, in Windhoek North.
It has further emerged that the women who was arrested first is one of Nkata’s wives and the mother of the victim. He was later arrested with his second wife, Carol, purportedly attempting to flee the country.
Word has it that the victim was rarely seen in public and neighbours barely saw her as she was often kept indoors away from a normal girl's life and hobbies. Other claims are that she may have been subjected to a pattern of abuse over a long time, which took a turn for the worst last weekend, ending in her death and a desperate attempt to incinerate her body, in order to conceal evidence of the heinous crime. On the other hand, the assertion that ‘Pastor Eddy’ also doubled as a ‘witchdoctor’ or traditional healer fuelled allegations, in some quarters, that this may have been a ritual killing. The police have categorically ruled out that possibility in the preliminary phase of the investigation.
The charred body of the deceased was found in a municipal garbage skip last weekend with the discovery sending shockwaves through the nation, which is still reeling from the unsolved murder of another 9-year old girl, Avihe Cheryl Ujaha, in 2018. In the case of Ujaha, a reward of N$100 000 is still on offer for anyone with information that can lead to the apprehension of the perpetrators.


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