Pedro leaves Blue Waters

Blue Waters assistant coach Armando Pedro has ended his 14-year relationship with the Birds, to concentrate on his business concerns.

The long-serving coach has often been deployed as a caretaker coach in the past six years, each time a coach has left the club.

Pedro, who first signed with Blue Waters as a striker in 1993, will now devote his time to his business, which he said had suffered while he was volunteering his services to the club in various roles.

“I have worked for the club without getting paid for the last six years, but now I have decided I will not continue doing that,” Pedro told the Windhoek Observer this week.

“The club wanted to offer me an extension, so that I can coach them next season, but I think I am done with football for now.

“My business has suffered greatly, while I was devoted to the club, and that is something which has triggered my decision to move on.

“As a coach I never wanted to be at another club other than Blue Waters, because I actually never saw coaching as a career I could do for a long time.”

The Angolan-born coach first joined the Birds in 1993, where he played for three seasons, before joining Cape Town outfit Hellenic in 1996.

He later joined African Wanderers in Durban, where he spent one season, before rejoining his old club Blue Waters in 2005.

Pedro joined the Blue Waters’ coaching department, when he finally hung up his boots at the end of the 2007/08 season.

Although he has occupied various roles as assistant coach since 2008, he acted as the team’s main coach from the beginning of the 2015/16 season.

A father of four, Pedro is into fashion designing.

The 45-year-old said he will forever cherish his football journey, despite the ups and downs he endured in his long career.

“I wish the club and all its personnel well, because even if I am no longer there, I will always carry them in my heart.

“One never knows what the future holds, and who knows, I might make a return, but for now I am done and ready to take my business to another level,” Pedro said.

Blue Waters executive Robert Shimoshili said that Pedro’s exit will be a great loss, but not as big as people imagine.

He believes that although the former Blue Waters legend will no longer assist the team on a full-time basis, he will still give advice, whenever he is needed.

“Pedro will always be a part of this team and he will obviously give his advice to coaches, whenever he is available.

“Therefore I would not believe that he is gone forever, because the love he has for this club is great enough to keep him on the scene,” Shimoshili added.



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