Mysterious sea creature at !Nami?Nüs

With numerous bizarre creatures populating the vast seas, the deep cold Benguela current sometimes spews out what Walvis Bay resident Johan van den Westhuizen described as the biggest quid he has ever seen. It washed ashore at Grosse Bucht, !Nami?Nüs last Sunday.

“I have never seen such a huge squid in all my years. Although most of the tentacles were missing they measured 18 cm in circumference and the length was estimated at 4 to 5 meters.”

Marine Scientist Jean-Paul Roux from the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources confirmed that someone actually discovered the squid on Saturday morning. Roux said that the inspectors could not verify the species due its decomposed state.

He said that although the specimen found was fairly large, if it is of the giant squid species this find was smaller the normal adult Giant Squid.

Roux further noted, “The area behind the head called the mantle measured 1.35m and the head of the biggest individual squids found measured 12 metres.”

Roux added that larger giant squid have been found ashore citing a six metre giant squid found in a trawler net off the coast of !Nami?Nüs.

“Giant squid are very rare and little is known of them and this find is difficult to identify because of its state of decomposition. Samples will have to be sent to a specialist lab.

Giant squid, the world’s largest invertebrate can reach 20 m length.
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