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Predictable outcome

front hage 07 DecDr Hage Geingob’s victory on Sunday did not come as a surprise to the Windhoek Observer. In fact, the real disappointment was that he did not receive 360 votes. We knew that Hage Geingob would retain his position as vice president of the Swapo Party because we were able to assess the facts and events as they unfolded – making the predication a simple task. We took note when President Pohamba nominated him at the Politburo meeting and did not try to wish it away.

Time to deliver

PRESIDENT Hifikepunye Pohamba could not have timed his Cabinet reshuffle this week any better. The reshuffle came in the wake of last weekend’s fifth ordinary congress of Swapo that ushered in major changes in the party’s top leadership.

Fuel thief shot

A MAN was shot dead after he was allegedly caught siphoning diesel from a truck belonging to Kambwa Trading cc in the Omusati region. According to police the incident happened at 23h00 on Sunday when 22-year-old Kelimwe Kennedy Reinhold Shikalepo crept under one of the Kambwa trucks parked outside the business premises with a large fuel container.

I am not a pretender: Geingob

THIS week the Windhoek Observer spoke with the incumbent vice-president of the Swapo party, Dr Hage Geingob, who eventually agreed to give this newspaper an interview on the eve of the Swapo congress.

Leading the Gypsy life

ent Gypsy  30 novANTONIO is rapidly becoming the don of our music industry. As the founder of Deal Done Records, he now owns one of the most prestigious recording studios in Namibia. He has his own video production studio and an array of talented artists, including Fishman and songbird Miss H, who are now under his guidance.

Drugs in the music industry

SO something curious happened to me the other day. I was walking out of a supermarket when a street kid came up to me, recognised that I’m a local musician, and proceeded to ask me for five dollars.

Credit to country ...shame on media

Finally, the mother of all Swapo congresses has arrived and by Sunday, we should all know the composition of the new top leadership of Swapo.

SPYL loses the plot

Just when you thought it could not possibly grow any worse and that the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) leadership had already committed every crime in the book of politics, they strike again.

Beauty and the beef

The Wildlife Conservation Society congratulates animal health and wildlife conservation experts from SADC on their adoption of additional, environmentally friendly ways to manage trade-sensitive animal diseases like foot and mouth, with an aim towards easing tensions at the livestock-wildlife interface.

The man behind the music

ent elvo 23 novTHIS industry would not be nearly what it is today if it wasn’t for Elvo. You can’t say that about just anyone, but Elvo has earned his position as a true pioneer. Every artist that has become established has Elvo to thank for it in one way or another.


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