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The Syndicate comes on heavy

ent Syndicate 25 janMORGAN is definitely making a name for himself. There isn’t an artist in this industry worth mentioning that doesn’t know the Syndicate. Many fans have often heard the trade mark tag at the beginning of many popular songs “On the beat with syndicate” and often wondered who he is.

Give Me Respect!

RESPECT, is what every Namibian upcoming musician thinks he deserves and what every Namibian established musician thinks he has. Honestly speaking, there is very little respect in our industry, and rightly so.

Air Namibia: A bum investment

The time has finally come for Government to apply the brakes and stop pouring billions of dollars in taxpayer’s money into the bottomless pit called Air Namibia. From a business viewpoint, the company has been a complete turkey ever since its creation in October 1991.

No free lunch

Namibians greeted the recent news that, starting this year, Government will introduce universal, free primary education to learners from Grade 0 to 7 with widespread jubilation.

The year in retrospect . . .


Neckartal saga

THE Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Andrew Ndishishi, reacted strongly to media reports that questioned his ethical standards.

Closing the files . . . .

THE Namibian Police (NamPol) have provided details on the progress made in solving cases that the Windhoek Observer reported in 2012.

Dordabis murder

SIX months ago, six intruders murdered Josef Siegfried Möwes, the owner of Emmabron Farm in the Dordabis area about 60km from Windhoek.

Coming of Age

ent Age 21 decLINDA is the definition of true Namibian spirit. The way she talks, the way she cares, the way she sings and the way she can connect with her fans shows the characteristics of a true Namibian girl, and she is living the Namibian dream. A shy girl with an incredibly bright future, Linda is best known for her electrifying hit “I Believe” and her three NAMA awards, which she scooped right under everybody’s noses. Now, she’s grown and is ready to take this industry by storm yet again. She’s slowly but surely coming of age.

In search of an audience

LAST weekend I went to the Deal Done Records album launch concert and I must admit I enjoyed myself. Firstly, while some of the artists were breathtaking, others were as usual atrocious, but overall, it was entertaining.

Judicial farce

The recent case of Lazarus Shaduka seems to have finally confirmed that the Namibian criminal justice system is a complete joke.

This man has single-handedly managed to make our entire judicial and law enforcement system look like a scene from an absurd, otherworldly, slapstick comedy of errors.

It tolls for thee

It has now emerged that Namibia will apparently not send any peacekeeping troops to the DRC although our Government in principle supports the SADC decision to deploy a force. 
This will come as a relief to some Namibians who opposed the deployment of 2,000 Namibia troops to that country in 1998.


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