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Fraud and Forgery

POLICE arrested a bogus estate agent last week and charged him with fraud after he tried to con City Police officers. The 23-year-old man approached the officers pretending to be responsible for the leasing of flats in the Goreangab residential area and asked them to pay him a deposit of N$4,500 if they wanted the flats.

Rundu brick venture thrives

WHEN young Rundu entrepreneurs Docky Olavi and Mathew Hungamo looked around for business ideas, they realised they were located at the centre of a major regional business hub. Rundu is a main gateway to the Kavango Region and the Caprivi, as well as neighbouring countries like Angola, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Vehicle imports earn N$150m

NAMIBIA earned N$150 million in revenue from vehicles destined for neighbouring countries imported through Walvis Bay, the Walvis Bay Corridor Group said this week. The Group said during the past year there has been more than double the volume of vehicles handled at the Port of Walvis Bay and imported to neighbouring countries.

IPC launches NPC Namibia website

THE International Paralympic Committee (IPC) launched the first official website of the National Paralympic Committee of Namibia (NPCN) on Wednesday (6 February). The new website follows the success Namibia had at the London 2012 Paralympic Games, where star sprinter Johanna Benson nearly single-handily enhanced the nation’s Paralympic cause by winning gold in the 200m T37 sprint and silver in the 100m T37 race.

S-man interview

ent sman 08 febIN America the hip-hop king of the South is T.I, in Namibia its S-Man. He has definitely put the South on the map in this industry. Although a true hip-hop cat, S-man is exceptionally well-mannered and unique. His musical approach is different, he expresses himself in a manner which is widely understood yet still very authentic. A young artist you should definitely be on the look-out for.

Yes we could!

What is music? That should be the most important question that a musician should ask himself. Not, why I’m doing music or for whom I’m doing music, but what is music?

Hem Matsi inspires celebrities

I sat down with Hem Matsi, arguably Namibia’s most prominent fashion designer, to talk about her ambitions, Fashion Week, and a completely fresh take on charity work. HEM is a Busy Bee! After more than a month, I was finally able to interview the young Fashion Designer who had just come back from a business trip in Beijing.

Rude, crude and undesirable

NOT surprisingly the highly offensive remarks German Ambassador Onno Hückmann made in the presence of Prime Minister Hage Geingob this week have caused widespread outrage. He might as well have spit in Geingob’s face!

Freedom comes at a price

LAST week’s news came as a shock to many. I had long suspected that Frieda would sooner or later begin her solo career. However, Antonio’s involvement in this development took me aback. In addition, the timing of her move is almost straight out of a Stieg Larsson novel.

Let them ‘eat’

THE enactment of the legislation creating the State Owned Enterprise Governance Council (SOEGC) in 2006 gave us all reason for hope about the future of the country’s parastatals. When SOEGC became operational in 2008, we hoped it would spell the end of mismanagement, inefficiency, waste and corruption at the parastatals.

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