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Ministry of Works and Transport (MWT) wants to recruit 20 expat engineers from Zimbabwe to fill the 87 vacant posts that were advertised last year.

Tribalist labels can backfire

In the political search for finger holds for criticism against the vibrant Team SWAPO juxtaposed against Team Hage, the next issue rearing its ugly head is an unfounded accusation of tribalism. 

Take responsibility

We are concerned that in the rush to exonerate the sitting president for Namibia’s financial woes, the responsibility for anything negative that happens in the country is being assigned to ‘no one.’  This is unacceptable.

Don Quixote: Change or die out

We’re jousting with windmills when we try to preserve the old ways of doing things rather than finding a way to survive amid new innovations and modern changes. 

The unending labyrinth of exam failures

We are concerned that there is not enough substantive policy focus on the tens of thousands who ‘fail’ the grade 10 and 12 examinations in Namibia. 

Enduro champions crowned

The Bank Windhoek Namibian Enduro Championship winners were officially awarded their trophies at Farm Elisenheim last weekend.

Football in a state of emergency

Namibian football has reached a stage where it is hanging on for dear life, and the confusion which surrounds the sport has become comical.

Zuma, the cornered president

The South African President has been put on notice. South Africans are not ready or willing to give up on this democracy yet. They are in the trenches and taking to the streets.
What happened in the North Gauteng High Court this week was massively significant.

Farmer scoops MTC’s N$1m

Front mtc winCommunal farmer and father of six, Kaaverua Karaerua, has won the MTC ‘Wanna Be a Million-yeah’ SMS competition, the mobile operator announced on Wednesday.

NaCC okays Samba,MTC deal

Front mtc 10 OctThe Namibian Competition Commission (NaCC) has approved without conditions the transfer of MTC shares from Portugal Telecom to Samba Luxco.


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