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Vice President Nangolo Mbumba is today expected to officiate at a ceremony to honour those killed during the 1904-1908 genocide by the German colonial government

Stagnation is strangling Namibia

We are very concerned that Namibia’s deep well of new and innovative ideas to extricate the country from its current financial morass, uplift the people, and project an international image of an energetic country for the 21st century, is bone dry. 

Crushing mahangu for profit

Taking action and being able to commit and persevere no matter the circumstances, is one of the most important attributes of an entrepreneur. It is a mind-set that requires grit and discipline.

Netball Namibia hosts Debmarine championship

The second edition of the Debmarine Senior Regional Netball Championships will take place this weekend at the Tamariskia Sports Grounds in Swakopmund.

Applause for heroes

August 26th is Heroes’ Day in Namibia.  It is a national holiday and a major one.  Along with National Day, this holiday should be a moment to pause, stop all complaints for a minute and think about what is going RIGHT in Namibia and celebrate those who fought to make that happen.

Debmarine Namibia donates to intermediate hospital

Debmarine Namibia recently donated portable wheeled bins, refuse bags, water and t-shirts towards the cleaning campaign of the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital to the value of N$140,000.

How to save when you live alone

Living alone can be both an exciting journey and a challenging one. It gives you a sense of freedom, where you are the sole ruler of your domain, yet it is considered to be more expensive when compared with sharing with someone.

Short term insurers face price fixing probe

The multibillion dollar short term insurance industry is under probe for contravening the Competition Act by setting maximum mark-up rates that panel beaters should charge for repairs to insured vehicles,

The WO Fashion Corner

The WO Fashion Corner team is scouring the internet, local fashion shows, and pictures that are being sent to us. 

Suzy Eises praises Bra Hugh!

At the National Theatre of Namibia, this Saturday night (August 25th), you must go see Saxophone diva Suzy Eises in concert, doing a homage to the late Brother Hugh Masekela.


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