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Philander back with political play panache

After an absence of five years from playwriting, internationally acclaimed Namibian playwright, Frederick Philander has written his first satirical political stage courtroom drama-genre with the ironic title based on a true Namibian court case, I am NOT corrupt…! 
The super-talented Philander wrote and presented the first adult nude stage work on the exploitation of women in beauty pageants in the late nineties, The Beauty Contest, and many other Namibian socio-political plays.
Philander’s non-profit and pacesetter theatre group, Committed Artists of Namibia, this time uses as basis the growing scourge of corruption that threatens to destroy the economy and social fibre of the nation.
“Playwrights like me had over many years closely observed how the economy had been plundered and looted with impunity by people with nefarious intentions. These disloyal and unpatriotic persons’ criminal actions forced my hand to take up the pen on behalf of the poorest of the poor in Namibia,” Philander said in
this press release.
In his view, his new the play speaks truth to the abuse of power in a modern day tell-tale of manipulation, opportunism, irony, threads, harassment, bullying, religious fanatics, absurdity and criminal scheming to benefit a few people.
“I wrote this challenging and daring play, my 15th drama, from an inherent sense of patriotism, a civic responsibility and profound social duty to help educate the nation. The work also serves as a warning to those with criminal intentions to seek to harm this nation,” asserted this renowned and acclaimed veteran
In 1996 Philander won the international New York Radio Drama Competition with his play on abject poverty as a global phenomenon, King of the Dump, a stage work that resulted in a critical literature thesis for a Master of Arts in English Studies at UNAM by Errickson Shilemba in 2018.
This son of the soil dramatist has, over four decades, published two collections of one-person and multiple character socio-political-related winning plays. Some of his highly acclaimed dramas had been successfully performed to acclaim at festivals and at universities in countries such as Britain, Sweden, Finland,
Belgium and South Africa. 
Philander’s most successful play, The Beauty Contest, in the nineties shattered all taboos in a then very conservative Namibian society, but went on to become an acclaimed continental contemporary play after it was successfully performed for three years running at the Grahams Town Arts festival in South Africa.
Auditions for his new play, to be staged in May this year, will be held Saturday, 15 February at the Theatre School at 09h00. Those interested in roles can call 0817172406 for auditions.

MultiChoice Namibia empowers entrepreneurs

Hard work pays off, so the old saying goes. However, when it comes to starting your own business, sometimes-hard work alone is not enough and entrepreneurs need a little helping hand.

FirstRand Namibia donates N$92 000 worth of equipment

The FirstRand Namibia Foundation has donated equipment valued at N$92 000 to the Okakarara Vocational Training Centre (OVTC).

Canadian, African miners to explore for copper in Namibia

White Metal Resources, Luxury Investments One Hundred and Ninety-Two, Kalahari Copper and Newco Management Team of South Africa have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding to work together on examining small-scale production possibilities in Namibia.

Slamming your head against a brick wall

To ask the Supreme Court to review its conclusions is within the rights of any Namibian citizen.  But, smashing your head against a brick wall to do so, could be ill-advised.

Company explores desalination plant for Namibia

HELA System, a Thuringian company based in the town of Greiz in Germany and a Namibian government and business delegation recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to affirm their contractual relationship.
The announcement comes in the wake of a recent visit to the City of Heilbronn in Germany by a Keetmanshoop mayoral delegation. The visit was part of the German-African Energy Excellence Initiative spearheaded by Namibian Ambassador to Germany, Andreas Guibeb.

MTC eyes mobile money

Mobile operator MTC is planning to offer mobile money services, with the company’s plans said to be an advanced stage.

Mr President: inspire us, don’t shout at us

With all due respect Mr President, when you hold the highest office in the land and things go terribly wrong, it is on you.  Moreover, we look to leaders for inspiration, not pointing towards their appointees as the bad guys. 

Nampol officers trained in cybercrime, wildlife trafficking

The US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) in partnership with the US Department of State, conducted a successful Wildlife Trafficking Cybercrime Training Programme (WTCP) in Windhoek, Namibia.
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