Rinelda’s Dairy: pyjamas in public are ‘in’

Growing up, I was a fan of wearing comfortable pyjamas in the public even though other people were not.
I believe in the well-loved quote, “looks aren’t everything”, but I would be lying if I say that they don’t matter at all.
If you are into parties or hanging out at events now and again, then I am sure that you will have already heard about the most popular event of the year, The Windhoek Spring Fiesta, an all-white themed party.
“I love my husband to bits, but I also love sleep,” I hear women, whose husbands and partners snore, complaining all the time.

Rinelda’s Dairy: What happened to radio?

I have not been on air for almost 13 years since I left my last job at a radio station, but people still ask me if I would like to be a disk jockey again. Well, not anymore.

Rinelda’s Dairy: Is makeup superficial?

Putting on eyeliner, mascara, foundation and lipstick is part of the daily beauty routine for millions of women. So, it comes as a surprise to hear people say that women who wear makeup are superficial.

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