State House ‘basking in fake glory’

Analysts have criticized State House officials for trying to bask in fake glory by associating President Hage Geingob with American businessman, Christopher Cox, who was introduced as ‘US President Donald Trump’s advisor’.

‘Hage should earn second term’

Political analysts and commentators say it is myopic to suggest that President Hage Geingob should serve two terms in office simply because that is what his predecessors did. 

Khomas region divided over Geingob endorsement

Some members of the SWAPO Khomas Regional Executive Committee have revealed to the Windhoek Observer that the decision by the region to publicly endorse President Hage Geingob as the party president was not a unanimous decision.

Where is team Hage?

As jostling for positions in the run up to the SWAPO Party national elective conference slated for November gathers steam, questions have emerged about what happened to Team Hage, the political outfit that propelled the once self-exiled leader to the highest office in the land.

President brings back former spy chief

Dust refuses to settle on the alleged rift between the Director General of the Namibia Central Intelligence Services and President Hage Geingob, after it emerged this week that the Head of State had secretly brought back former spy chief, Lucas Hangula, from retirement.

Economists cautiously optimistic on economy

Several economists who spoke to the Windhoek Observer this week were coy about the optimism expressed by President Hage Geingob and Finance Minister, Calle Schlettwein, who both said the ailing local economy was now on a recovery path.

Spy chief in firing line

The Namibia Central Intelligence Service Director General, Philemon Malima, is once again on the chopping block after he allegedly remarked to Attorney General, Sackeus Shanghala, that President Hage Geingob was protecting criminals involved in the SME Bank saga.

Pohamba avoids confirming Hage

Former SWAPO President, Hifikepunye Pohamba, has ducked confirming President Hage Geingob as president of the party in his response to an enquiry by the Windhoek Observer.

Geingob is compromised – Diescho

Leading political analyst and academic, Professor Joseph Diescho, has waded into the SME Bank saga by accusing President Hage Geingob of having vested interests in the failed bank.

‘Geingob is all talk, but no action’

President Hage Geingob’s failure to publicly pronounce himself on the swindled Kora millions (N$24m), the astronomical legal fees for the genocide case (N$47m) and the lost N$200m from the SME Bank, sets a bad precedent for Namibia, political analysts have said.
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