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09 June 2017
ActionCOACH Business Coaching is a franchise company operating locally, started four years ago by Francois Smith as a means to assist both established companies and small enterprises to work more efficiently as well as boost their profit margins.
Fifty clients have so far benefited from the company’s coaching services around Namibia.
Smith coaches people in sales and finance, marketing and advertising, team building and recruitment, systems and business development, mastery and customer service to boost their business turnover and profit margins while at the same time creating systems that give clients time off from work for other needs.
Smith, a civil engineer by profession, says during his interactions with many small entrepreneurs while he was still employed, he realised that most of these companies lacked capacity to move forward, especially after finishing their first projects, while some were in the dark regarding time management, which made them lose out on other aspects of their lives.
He said he went for training to be an ActionCOACH Business coach in Las Vegas in the United States of America just over four years ago before returning to Namibia to impart the same acquired knowledge.
ActionCOACH is a business coaching firm started originally in 1993 by Brad Sugars, ActionCOACH, and is the largest Business Coaching Company in the world, with offices and Business Coaches from Singapore to Sydney to San Francisco.
According to Smith ActionCOACH was set up with the business owners in mind as an alternative to conventional and costly consulting firms.
It is designed to give both short-term assistance and long-term training through its affordable and effective mentoring approach.
The award-winning coach guarantees results within 17-weeks of ActionCOACH coaching.
So how does one get started?
“First when the client meets the local ActionCOACH, there is some very simple paperwork to sign and we can start. Next, the client will need to invest a few hours showing the coach everything about their business.
“Together we create a plan and then the work really starts. Remember, it may seem like a big job at the start, but with an ActionCOACH, you are sharing the load, and together, we will achieve great things,” he said.
Smith, however, highlighted that he was just a business coach and did not do clients’ work for them.
He bemoaned the fact that several entrepreneurs that could use the company’s expertise were still in the dark about his services and continued to operate unprofitably despite the services being available via several media and social platforms locally.
The ActionCOACH further said that his services could work for companies with as little a turnover per annum as N$300,000 up to as much as N$25 million.  
On some of the results for the over 50 clients he has rendered his services around Namibia, Smith said, “Everything from company owners previously working 60 hours a week we cut it down to working just 10. Also revenue increases up to 100 percent and even 1,000 percent in some cases.
“Our results speak for themselves, and are highlighted by specific examples featuring real people with real businesses getting really great results. There are three main reasons why this will work for our clients and their businesses.
“First, the ActionCOACH will help the client get 100 percent focused on their goals and the step-by-step processes to get them there. Second, the ActionCOACH will hold the client accountable to get things done, not just the day-to-day running of the business, but for the dynamic growth of the business.
“Third, the ActionCOACH will teach the client as many of our 328 profit building strategies as the client may need. So, whether their goal is to make more money, or work fewer hours or both, within the next 12 months these goals can become a reality.”
On the cost, Smith said clients’ investment was dependent on the size of the business entity and the scope of the undertaking.
He further said that no matter how much is invested in the training, clients can be rest assured results are guaranteed.
All this can be achieved by using books and DVDs, which can save clients both time and money as they can learn the basics in their own time such that when they get together with the ActionCOACH, they will be working on higher level implementations rather than the basics.
Smith said currently there were only two ActionCOACH consultants in Namibia, which he said was too small a number to cater for all the businesses locally that really need the services.
He said he does not employ anyone, but he collaborates with the other ActionCOACH only on specific issues and not as partners.
“I had an employee, but they have since left and I work alone currently, but we do share ideas with the other ActionCOACH in Namibia and our services are more in Windhoek so far, but we have had a few sessions around the country.
“For now Windhoek is still very key to our market and [we want to] share our expertise with the more than 4,000 companies within our target market before we start looking at different towns and moving outside the region.”


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