Stanlib eyes unlisted investments

21 April 2017
Author   Eric Nyasha Mhunduru

Stanlib Namibia says it is in the process of developing its local unlisted capability that will see the asset management firm invest in private equity or infrastructure in the near future. The investment management services provider, with over N$6 billion worth of assets under management, says it stands ready to comply with the proposed amendments to Regulation 28, Regulation 15 and Regulation 29 among others, that will be amended to gradually lift the domestic asset requirement threshold from the current 35 percent of total assets to 45 percent.

“At Stanlib Namibia our portfolios are well positioned to comply with regulations mandating local asset requirements, so we have not experienced operational or compliance issues,” Managing Director, Taimi Shejavali said.

Currently, Stanlib’s main focus is on listed stocks and bonds, although it is also invested with most of the major commercial banking institutions in Namibia as part of the asset manager’s market fund offering.

Shejavali said Stanlib, a joint venture between Standard Bank Namibia and Stanlib South Africa, is confident with the capacity that it has in the broader group, which will help the Namibian unit grow its offerings to investors.

“The sky is the limit for us and we continue to gauge the local market to see what we have in-house in our broader group and implement it in Namibia.

“We are very confident that we want to be the number one asset manager in Namibia in the next five years and we are currently working towards that goal now.

“The growth strategies that we are trying to implement mean that we are here to stay and be a force to be reckoned with going forward,” Shejavali said.

She said that it would be beneficial to the Namibian economy to have more money invested locally, adding that as a local asset manager they were committed to see the Namibian economy grow.

“We are sitting on about N$6 billion in assets under management from various clients in the Namibian market. That is Namibian money from Namibian clients.

“Stanlib Namibia is an asset manager that manages a set of Unit Trust Funds as well as customised segregated funds for clients. Current offerings mainly invest client monies by buying instruments listed on exchanges such as shares or bonds.

“We are continuously trying to expand our business in Namibia and recently we appointed an additional portfolio manager who is a Namibian and for the Namibian office who is currently undergoing training in South Africa.

“This is part of the broader capacity building that is happening in the company and it is a balancing act. As we look at expanding our offering to the local market, we try to compliment that with expanding our capacity.”

On her forecast for the next five years, Shejavali said, “We see business going forward not only in the money that we manage, but the technical ability that we want to grow in our Namibian office.

“Currently we have 14 people in our local office, but we have an active growth strategy to try and enhance that as time goes on. On the retail side, we have six unit trust funds starting off with two money market funds and we have an income fund and an asset return fund; we have a flexible property fund and we have a managed fund.

“We have six unit trust offerings that are available through the Standard Bank network directly from us.”


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